How to sprout beans quickly: basic ways

How to sprout beans quickly: basic ways

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In order for the bean sprouts to appear quickly and amicably, and the harvest to please its owner, it is necessary to germinate the beans. Today, many people eat sprouted beans, as they are a source of vitamins. But how quickly can beans germinate?


  • Why do you need germination?
  • How to germinate beans for planting in the ground?
  • How to germinate grains for further consumption?

Why do you need germination?

A large number of gardeners plant beans in their beds as an addition to the rest of the plantings. But the fruits of this legume culture are very important in cooking. Today, it has become popular to sprout beans and eat them.

This is not surprising, because in this way you can get a huge charge of vitamins. Also, such food can reduce sugar in the body. An important germination procedure for beans, which will be planted in the beds. Indeed, in this way, you can achieve high-quality seedlings, which will appear together.

How to germinate beans for planting in the ground?

It is easy to prepare seeds for further germination. But initially it is worthwhile to start sorting the seed material. Any shriveled or dried grains must be removed. There is more than one way of germination, after which you can see excellent sprouts in a couple of days.

It should be understood that not every variety of beans is suitable for eating raw. For this purpose, it is recommended to germinate Mung or Mash beans. Young sprouts are able to fill the body with vitamins, improve digestion, and strengthen the immune system. But red beans should be discarded, as they are not suitable for consumption unprocessed.

This is due to the fact that lectins are concentrated in its composition, which can provoke poisoning.

If they are thermally processed, then their destruction occurs, so the beans will no longer harm. Each method of germination has some differences, but they are united by the fact that the seed needs to be provided with moisture and light.

Here are some methods to help your beans sprout quickly. The grains are placed on a moistened piece of cloth, and on top the whole thing is wrapped with another cloth. It is necessary to ensure that it is always moist, but there should not be a lot of water. Otherwise, the seed may rot. The tissues are washed periodically, this will prevent the appearance of plaque.

To make the germination process faster, you can use a growth stimulant that is combined with water. It will take only 1-2 days, and you can see the first shoots. This means the beans are ready to be planted in the ground. For the next method, it will be necessary to acquire a flat glass container. Seed material is placed in it, and a moistened tissue is placed on top. All this is put in the warmth.

This method reduces the risk of mold. Usually, sprouts can be observed for 2-3 days. When they grow 2-3 cm, then you can plant in open ground. Many gardeners sprout beans on cotton balls. To do this, the grains are wrapped in cotton circles, which are placed in a glass container. All this is wetted in water and moved to where it is warm and light.

Bean sprouting video:

It will take a couple of hours for the sprouts to start growing, but they will be visible the next day. This is a rather interesting germination method. It is not uncommon for owners to grow beans to supplement them with vitamins. In this case, the germination process is slightly different.

How to germinate grains for further consumption?

To start sprouting beans in order to eat them, you must adhere to the following steps:

  1. For this procedure, you will need a plastic container. It doesn't have to be deep, but broad. For this, a container with ice cream may be suitable. Holes are made in the bottom, they are necessary to drain the water.
  2. The prepared container is placed in a bowl of great depth, but their bottom should not touch.
  3. Gauze is placed in the container, and grains are placed on it. It is worth remembering that initially the beans are sorted out. Care must be taken to ensure that there are no damaged grains and debris.
  4. After such manipulations, you need to pour the water onto the cheesecloth. All this is covered with another cloth and placed in a place where it is warm and light enough. A window sill is ideal for this.
  5. A couple of times a day you need to water the seed with lukewarm water. When it accumulates in the bowl, it is drained.

On the second day, you can see the sprouts, but they are not yet ready for consumption. It should take 5 days after the leaves appear, after which you can eat sprouted beans. As a result, you can enrich your own body with vitamins, strengthen the immune system.

It is a very healthy food and has recently become popular with people. You can make it easier for yourself and purchase a special device for germinating seeds. But when you do it yourself, the result is especially pleasing. In addition, this process is quite exciting, the main thing is to know the basic rules.

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