Fragrant harvest. How to grow strawberries on the balcony

Fragrant harvest. How to grow strawberries on the balcony

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Many city dwellers would not mind pampering themselves and their loved ones with fresh fragrant strawberries grown on their own balconies. The thought at first seems scary, but then a reasonable question still arises - how to grow strawberries on the balcony.

In fact, the idea is very good in that the balcony is a windproof place, besides, it has its own microclimate, and the plants will not suffer from late night frosts.

Before growing strawberries on the balcony, think about and choose containers for planting. It can be both pots and boxes. The only condition is the presence of a hole for the drain of excess water. If you approach the choice of varieties wisely, and plant both early, mid-ripening, and late-ripening varieties, then the harvest will delight you all season. It is best to plant seedlings in March (if the balcony is glazed). In principle, disembarkation is possible at any time. One has only to remember one thing, that the later you do this, the smaller the harvest will be in the first year. Also, do not forget about abundant watering and feeding. You can use special fertilizers for strawberries or strawberries, or you can use a regular mineral complex. Monitor the concentration and dosage of the solution carefully. An important point is the removal of the first peduncles for the good development of young plants. Strawberry whiskers should only be trimmed if they are in the shade. For the winter, with the onset of stable frosts, the plants are completely covered with sawdust. On warm days, they are ventilated, and at the beginning of March they are freed from shelter.

Following these simple rules, you can easily get a fragrant strawberry harvest at home.

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