How to grow onions on a feather and get fresh herbs at any time of the year

How to grow onions on a feather and get fresh herbs at any time of the year

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An informational article on how to grow onions for greens. The article provides recommendations on the selection of varieties and methods of growing onions for greens in greenhouses, open ground and at home. It is enough to take an onion, put it in a glass of water and wait for a green, fast-growing cone to appear from the top.

In general, this method has the right to exist, as an example of forcing onions for greens without soil. This growing method is an example of the use of the hydroponic method. But nevertheless, setting the windowsill with jars and cups with onions is not entirely aesthetically pleasing, and the amount of greenery from two or three onions will be scanty. We will try to learn how to grow onions on a feather in several ways. Before growing, you need to choose the right planting bulbs.


  • How to choose onions for greening
  • How to grow green onions indoors and outdoors
  • Growing onions for greens at home

How to choose onions for greening

I plan to grow onions for greens, it is important to choose the right variety and forcing time. This is due to several points. First of all, the bulbs have a dormant period. Until it ends, you should not try to get greens from them. The second important point is the number of buds in the bulb. In order for the greens to be lush and the amount from each bulb to be decent, you need to give preference to multi-primordial varieties.

The best onions for greens

If you cut off about 1/3 of the onion from the top, then you can clearly see slightly greenish eyes. How many eyes are located separately from each other, so much the buds of the bulb, so many bundles of greenery it will give. The mass of greenery directly depends on this. So, bulbs with two primordia give 8-10 kg of green mass from 1 square meter. For forcing, it is best to choose varieties whose bulbs have from 3 to 6 primordia.

These are primarily the following varieties of onions:

  • Stuttgarter Riesen - mid-season, buds 3 - 5
  • Rostov - early, primordia 3-5
  • Bessonovsky - early, from 3 to 5 primordia
  • Improved Spassky - medium, primordia from 3

Also, good results are given when forcing on a feather give red varieties of onions, such as:

  • Samarkand red
  • Red baron
  • Carmen

Multilayer varieties tend to have a shorter dormancy period, after harvesting, the bulbs can be used more quickly for greening.

Choosing a variety of onions to get greens for the season

If possible, the varieties can be selected and taking into account the time of year in which you want to get green onions. In autumn, varieties are suitable for obtaining greens in October or November:

  • Samarkand red
  • Bessonovsky
  • Farabsky

For winter cultivation, varieties are suitable:

  • Red baron
  • Improved Spassky
  • For forcing in early spring:
  • Rostov
  • Carmen

So in early spring, you can use chives varieties to get greens. If, for distillation, it is supposed to use bulbs of an unknown variety, simply purchased at the vegetable market, then before planting they can be lowered for a day or two in the lower part of the water. If after two or three days the roots have started to grow, then the bulbs are suitable for quickly obtaining greens.

How to grow green onions indoors and outdoors

Onions on greens in a greenhouse

For cultivation in late autumn, winter and early spring, a heated greenhouse should be used. At the beginning of autumn and from the end of March, any greenhouses that are not heated greenhouses will do. As a rule, it is advisable to grow green onions in greenhouses for implementation; to do this only for the needs of the family is not entirely profitable.

The soil in the greenhouse must be very fertile. It is necessary to add humus, peat and complex mineral fertilizers to it. Before planting, the bulbs must be freed from some of the integumentary scales. Soak in water for a day. Cut off the top by 1-1.5 cm.
Moisten the soil in the greenhouse well.

Plant the bulbs tightly together. Do this over the entire area of ​​the garden. This method is called bridging. It is only necessary to deepen the bulbs into the ground by 1/2 or 2/3 of the height. Distillation is carried out at a temperature of + 15 +16. It is important to ensure that the temperature does not drop below + 8.

After about 28 to 35 days, the size of the greens will allow harvesting. Since greens grow due to the reserves of nutrients in the bulb, onions do not need special care when grown for greens, except for observing the humidity regime.

Onions on greens in the open field

From mid-April to September, you can grow onions for herbs in an open garden. The bulbs can be planted both by bridge and tape methods. To do this, the onions are planted in 5-6 rows, after which an indent of 15-20 cm is made and 5-6 rows are planted again.

In this case, the distance between adjacent bulbs in a row is left at 5-6 cm. The neck of the onion should always be above ground level. For planting material in the open field, you can also use onion sets, selecting bulbs with a diameter of 3-4 cm.

When the greens grow to a length of 30 cm, they need to be cut off. You can get 2-3 cuts from one onion, after which the onion is removed. When growing onions for greens in the open field, it is important to remove weeds and water the plantings regularly. You can add liquid mineral fertilizers 1-2 times from complex fertilizers.

Growing onions for greens at home

If green onions are needed in cold weather only for the needs of one family, then they can be grown at home on a warm loggia or in a room. This can be done in boxes with soil. To obtain 10 kg of soil mixture, you need to mix 1 kg of garden soil, with 6-7 kg of peat with 2-3 kg of humus. Add a glass of ash.

Moisten the soil and plant prepared bulbs in it. The top should protrude from the ground. In the first week, keep the box with onions in a dark place at a temperature of + 12. Then put the onions in the light. Avoid keeping onion crates on cold windowsills during the winter months. The best temperature regime in this case is + 20 degrees. Care when growing onions for greens in room conditions is reduced to watering with warm water.

Video on how to plant onions at home to get greens:

Watch the video: Garden Omelette (June 2022).


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