Azalea flowers: when to plant and how to care for them

Azalea flowers: when to plant and how to care for them

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Growing azalea is not easy, this plant has some vagaries. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with how to plant azalea flowers, how to care for them.


  • In what season to plant, how to choose the soil and prepare for planting?
  • Suitable temperature conditions, lighting and watering
  • Care after landing
  • Growing and grooming activities

In what season to plant, how to choose the soil and prepare for planting?

Initially, you need to choose the right place for planting. Azalea will not be able to fully develop in direct sunlight. Therefore, it is necessary to plant it in shaded areas. It can also depend on the type of plant. The flower prefers acidic soil. It will not be able to grow on loam or calcareous soil. If you plant it in such a land, the plant will not take root and die.

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the soil, since sometimes the owners choose a good place, but the flower dies, since the soil is unsuitable. If there is no necessary land at the summer cottage, do not give up. You can make the top layer yourself. For this, peat or a special mixture is introduced into the soil, which is intended for azaleas.

After the place has been chosen, it is worth starting the landing itself. This procedure is carried out in the spring. Initially, you need to dig holes. It is worth calculating that the seedlings climbed into them 15 cm deeper. At the bottom it is worth creating drainage.

Suitable temperature conditions, lighting and watering

It is worth adhering to these rules:

  1. Watering is especially important for azaleas. The plant does not tolerate drying out of the soil. But you also need to ensure that stagnant water does not appear.
  2. It is better to use warm water for watering. It is better to defend it initially. Rainwater is also ideal.
  3. Experienced gardeners advise acidifying the watering fluid. For this, a little citric acid is added to the water. In this way, the acidity of the soil will not decrease. But do not water the plant with too cold water. In the autumn, it is necessary to reduce watering.

It is recommended to use peat soil for growing azaleas. But if it dries up, it turns into a hard ball, so poor water absorption occurs. In this case, it is worth placing the pot in a container of water for a couple of hours. If the flower has already reached a huge size, then a pallet with a great depth can be used. It is forbidden to loosen the soil, since the plant has a thin rhizome. Therefore, it is easy to damage it. Azalea is often grown in cool greenhouses.

In this case, ice can be placed on top of the ground in winter. It will slowly melt, and the soil will gradually be moistened. But you should not carry out such a manipulation in a warm room, since the temperature drop will negatively affect the flowering of the plant.

Azalea has certain temperature requirements. In winter, the temperature should be around 12-14 degrees. But if given proper care, then the plant can develop at 22 degrees. If in the summer the flower was exhibited in the garden, then it is transferred to the room until the heating season begins. Azalea does not tolerate direct rays of the sun.

Azalea cultivation video:

In summer, it is positively influenced by open air. The main thing is that the sun does not burn it. Experienced gardeners submerge the potted plant in the soil. Summer rain is good for the flower. If the climate is mild, then you can cultivate some varieties in the open field. In winter, it is worth creating protection against frost.

Care after landing

You can't just plant a plant and not care for it. Azalea Needs Attention:

  1. Initially, special attention should be paid to watering. After planting, 3 weeks should pass when the plant is first watered with acidified water. This watering is repeated once a month. It is necessary to ensure that the soil does not dry out, especially in drought. Otherwise, it will affect the creation of future buds.
  2. Experienced gardeners advise to spray the entire shrub if the weather is too dry.
  3. It is worth remembering that the plant has a superficial rhizome. Therefore, do not weed. Weeds should be removed carefully by hand.
  4. When 4 weeks have passed after planting, fertilizers are applied. Further feeding is repeated every 3 weeks. For this manipulation, complex fertilizers are suitable, which include all mineral fertilizers.

It is necessary to form a bush. If it grows strongly, pruning is carried out. Young azaleas should not be disturbed. In adult plants, pruning is done after flowering. Azalea branches are poisonous, so all procedures should be carried out with gloves.

Growing and grooming activities

Light is vital for azaleas. When it fades, all inflorescences with pedicels are cut off. This must be done carefully. Foliage that has turned brown is also removed. After that, new shoots will begin to form. When there are 4 pairs of leaves, then pinching of the tops is carried out. This procedure is carried out 3 times a year. The last time it is done is at the end of the summer. As a result, the plant will bloom more intensely.

If a shoot forms near the bud, it should also be cut off. In the spring, pruning of weak shoots is carried out. The bush needs to be transplanted. If the plant has not reached the age of three, this procedure is repeated annually. Older azaleas are transplanted every 2 years. By the way, the flower prefers wide pots. In the autumn, it is worth protecting the bushes from frost. At this time, the soil is mulched, increasing its layer by 5 cm.

Some azalea species need a tighter cover. Often the flower suffers from calcareous chlorosis. The symptoms of the disease are yellowing of the foliage. To protect the plant from this, it is necessary to timely add peat and acid solutions to the soil. So, if you adhere to all the rules of care, then you can grow a beautiful plant. But do not forget that azalea is quite demanding. She can die from minor mistakes.

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