A reliable shield against disease.

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Any gardener is bothered by plant diseases such as late blight, bacterial spotting, scab, rust, powdery mildew, various rot. It is very difficult to deal with them, but as a result, the crop is still thoroughly spoiled.

Meanwhile, on the market of plant protection products, a series of natural and at the same time effective biological products Fitosporin has long been presented, which protect the future harvest from many bacterial and fungal ailments. Let's talk about different Fitosporins in more detail.

Bacterial and fungal diseases must be eliminated long before the emergence of seedlings, i.e. even while the seeds are soaking. Here Fitosporin Seedling will help us - 10 drops per glass of water - soak the seeds in this bio-solution for 12 hours.

Since last season, pathogens could remain in the ground, which very quickly spread to new immature plants. Therefore, before planting seedlings in the ground, the ground must be treated with a solution of universal Fitosporin - powder or paste.

During the development of the plant, it is necessary to carry out preventive spraying with Fitosporin two more times. Here we already take the Fitosporin that corresponds to the cultivated crop - tomato, potato, cucumber, cabbage, garden flowers.

If for some reason you did not manage to apply Fitosporin from the very beginning, and the disease has already made itself felt, use Fitosporin-M Resuscitator. Its name speaks for itself - it reanimates already diseased plants with the help of the same phytobacteria, but their concentration is significantly increased.

Natural support for plants.

Disease, unfortunately, is not the only dangerous factor for our plants. Other stresses also stand in the way of a healthy harvest - drought, frost, transplantation, pests. The viability of plants from all this falls. How to help?

Anti-stress natural preparation Gumi Olympiyskiy contains nutrients in the most accessible forms for plants. The biological product is produced in the form of a nano-gel, easily dissolves in water and quickly penetrates into plant tissues. It should be used, like Fitosporin, from the moment the seeds are soaked.

Gumi Olimpiyskiyhttp: enriched with 11 essential trace elements and more than 80 natural elements and minerals. The optimal complex of humic substances and microelements leads to higher yields, improved quality and helps to resist stress.

The smell of roses, not dung.

In addition to plants, the gardener has one more concern - the country toilet. Often the smell in one of the parts of the garden is spoiled by the cesspool located there. How to make the garden smell of roses and not manure? Environmentally friendly biological products will come to the rescue Udachny or binary drug Gorynych. A solution of water + Udachny or Gorynych is poured directly into the cesspool. The contents must be liquid, so add water to the pit if necessary.

Live bacteria of the biological product begin to act at + 20 ° C. Udachny and Gorynych effectively decompose organic matter, feces, fats, eliminate unpleasant odors, and save on waste pumping.

What's new in gardening?

A new series of drugs for the prevention and treatment of chlorosis (loss of natural color by leaves due to lack of nutrients) - Rich-Micro: Copper, Iron, Zinc + Copper, Complex - will help with different types of chlorosis. The preparations of the Bogaty-Micro series are used for additional fertilizing, improve the appearance of plants, increase the keeping quality of the future harvest, and enrich the plants with necessary microelements.

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