The healing properties of viburnum and its correct preparation

The healing properties of viburnum and its correct preparation

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Due to its healing abilities, viburnum has been valued among the people for many years. Viburnum is used in folk medicine, and not only its berries, but also flowers, leaves and bark are medicinal. The berries are bright red in color and are spherical in shape.


  • Viburnum fruit composition
  • The healing properties of viburnum
  • The use of viburnum in traditional medicine
  • How to properly harvest viburnum

Viburnum fruit composition

Viburnum berries contain ascorbic acid and powerful antioxidants, making the fruit an irreplaceable medicine for colds. Viburnum also contains vitamins such as tocopherol, carotene, vitamin K. As for minerals, these include: phosphorus, titanium, vanadium, phytosterols and anthocyanins. The bark of the plant contains such useful acids as formic, linoleic, butyric and acetic. By chemical composition, viburnum berries contain 32% inert sugar, 3% tannins and 3% organic acids.

The healing properties of viburnum

The berries of this plant have a diuretic effect, so they are excellent for edema. Also viburnum has astringent, choleretic, antimicrobial, tonic and tonic effects. Viburnum infusion is a dietary product that can improve the functioning of the heart muscle. Teas and decoctions from viburnum, can increase immunity and prevent infection.

The presence of tannins and pectin compounds in the composition helps the plant to positively influence the work of the digestive system. In addition, the stimulation of gastric acid production is improved and appetite is increased. Thanks to the routine contained in the berries, the elasticity of the capillaries is normalized and their permeability improves. In the bark of the plant there is a lot of viburnine glycoside, which increases the tone of the uterus and narrows the blood vessels.

The use of viburnum in traditional medicine

Since decoctions of berries are capable of thinning phlegm, they are used in the treatment of pneumonia and bronchitis. In this case, you need to prepare an infusion of viburnum and mix it with honey. Viburnum, in combination with honey, effectively helps with a strong cough. Also, an infusion of berries can be used for chronic cough. For this, one tablespoon of the fruit is mixed with pharmacy chamomile. The finished composition must be poured with one liter of boiling water.

Kalina is very widely used in the treatment of angina. For gargling, a composition is prepared from flowers and berries taken in equal parts. If you have a sore throat, you need to apply viburnum compresses to your neck. To prepare a compress, you need to grind the berries and fill them with heated water for an hour. After the grated berries are infused, a little honey should be added to them. The finished mixture is applied to a clean cloth and fixed to the throat.

Such a compress should be applied to the throat twice a day and kept for half an hour. There are many recipes for the preparation of viburnum that help with hypertension and the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. For vasodilation, kvass from viburnum and beets helps well. To prepare healing kvass, you need to boil 300 g of shabby beets. In a separate bowl 300 g of viburnum berries are boiled.

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The two broths must be mixed with the addition of a small amount of sugar. Ready kvass should be stored in a cool place in a glass container. Viburnum shoots in folk medicine are used for hypertension. In this case, the shoots are mixed with motherwort grass and valerian root. Boil the herbal mixture for five minutes. The ready-made infusion is taken in small portions throughout the day.

To eliminate the constant annoying headache, the juice from the viburnum will help. You need to take this juice every day, one glass. Add honey if desired. And if you add a decoction of oatmeal to the viburnum juice, then inflammation of the intestinal mucosa can be cured. The leaves of the plant are added to the water when bathing children to cure diathesis, eczema and skin tuberculosis.

If shortness of breath occurs, you can eat whole berries with seeds. Drinks from the berries of this plant are used for chronic constipation. To prepare this drink, you need to grind dry berries to a powder state.

Further, one teaspoon of this powder is poured with boiling water and infused for fifteen minutes. The finished drink should be taken twice a day.

In addition to all of the above diseases, in folk medicine, viburnum is used in the treatment of allergies. In this case, an infusion from the bark is used for treatment. To prepare the infusion, you need to process two tablespoons of bark with boiling water and leave for about an hour. This infusion should be taken about four times a day before meals.

How to properly harvest viburnum

The viburnum bark is collected even before bud break. The collection period falls in late April-early June. The cut bark needs to be dried a little. During the drying process, the bark must be turned over periodically. As for viburnum berries, they are harvested in September. The fruits are cut with secateurs and dried in drying ovens at fifty degrees Celsius.

Dried threshed berries should be stored in bags in a well-ventilated area. In addition to the fruits themselves, viburnum seeds can also be used. In this case, the berries must be processed. This is done by separating the pulp from the seeds. Next, the seeds need to be rinsed and dried, while avoiding direct sunlight.

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