Planting beets in spring: basic recommendations

Planting beets in spring: basic recommendations

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Beetroot is a useful root vegetable that gardeners often grow. After all, the quality of the future harvest also depends on it. For this, some conditions should be provided for this plant.


  • Soil preparation
  • Seed planting
  • Planting seedlings
  • Which beets are best to plant?

Soil preparation

Before planting, the soil should be properly prepared. This needs to be done in the autumn. At this time, it is required to clear the garden from the remains of other plants. Further, organic matter is introduced into the ground. After that, the soil is dug up. In cases where the soil is very poor, you need to add mineral fertilizers to it. This will improve the quality of the crop. If the acidity of the soil is excessively high, lime should be added to it. The right place should be chosen for the further cultivation of beets. It is necessary to plant it in the beds where the following crops previously grew:

  • Peas
  • Cucumbers
  • Potato

The location that has been chosen should not be in the shade. If the beets are grown in a shaded area, then the roots will lack an intense shade. Beetroots only develop excellent color when the area where they grow is well lit. Before planting, it is necessary to loosen the soil using a rake. Dolomite flour is also added at this time. After such manipulations, the soil will be ready for planting beets in the spring. The earth should not be cold, warm. If you plant the plant earlier, then root crops will not form.

Seed planting

To plant beets with seeds, you need to soak them first. For this, a solution is prepared that will stimulate growth. In addition, ordinary ash is also used. After the work done, you should rinse the seeds. For this, the water must be warm. The seeds are wrapped in a dry cloth. Before planting, the soil is moistened. Initially, lines are drawn on the ground, they should be 4 cm deep. There should be approximately 20 cm between such lines. A little water is poured into the formed grooves. It must be completely absorbed, only then the planting is carried out. Beets have large enough seeds, so they are placed in the ground one by one. Do not worry that seedlings will not appear. Often, more than one plant is formed from one such seed material.

For this reason, after the emergence of seedlings, thinning will need to be done. Experienced gardeners are advised to immediately plant seeds less often. This will provide them with a place to develop.

Those shoots that have been removed can be planted elsewhere. They can also develop and bear fruit quietly. When beets are planted, a pattern is followed that resembles a trellis. Where the lines intersect are the seedlings. First, the seeds are placed in moistened soil, then the grooves should be covered with earth.

The ideal time for planting beets is when the soil is still sufficiently moist from winter snow. Sowing is often done in early May. But there are situations when spring is late. Then the landing procedure should be carried out later. After that, the seedlings need weeding, and also occasionally the soil needs to be loosened. When the plant develops, several dressings should be done. Organic fertilizers are initially applied, but their amount should be small. After that, mineral compounds should be added to the soil, but they should not have nitrates.

Planting seedlings

If a person does not want to engage in thinning, then he can first grow seedlings. It is not difficult. First, a suitable soil is prepared, then it is poured into the soil, grooves are made. There should be about 5-6 cm between them. After that, you can plant seeds, the distance between which is about 3 cm. You should start growing seedlings a month before planting in open ground was planned. The sprouts will appear first.

After about 4 leaves appear, then you should start planting them in a permanent place of growth. But first, hardening should be carried out. For this, the greenhouse must be ventilated. Before planting the sprouts in the ground, they must be thoroughly watered. Before planting, each young seedling is dipped into a clay solution with a rhizome. Then you can start seating, adhering to the scheme.

Which beets are best to plant?

There are several types of beets. Therefore, each person who decides to plant it in his garden needs to decide which variety to choose. There is such a beet:

  • Dining room
  • Sugar
  • Stern

The choice of the type will depend on what the beets will be used for. If the owners raise livestock at home, then a fodder swell is suitable for planting. She needs early soil preparation. For this, fertilizers should be applied. Seed material should be sorted out and etched. Some gardeners initially keep a growth stimulant in a solution. But this is not a mandatory procedure. It should be borne in mind that the roots grow to a large size. Therefore, you need to slightly modify the landing pattern. For this, the distance between the grooves increases. It should be more than half a meter. There should be 25 cm between each sprout.

If the beets are planted exclusively for food, then you need to choose a table type. It must be borne in mind that he reacts poorly to a lack of light. For this reason, you need to carefully choose a place that will not be shaded by trees. The sprouts need to be weeded well, and thinning is also carried out. Some people are leaning towards planting sugar beets. But this species is demanding on the ground. Peaty and sandy soil works well. The root crop has not yet formed, you need to do top dressing.

When the plant quickly began to develop leaves, nitrogen-containing fertilizers are applied. And during the development of the root crop, you need to add superphosphate and potassium chloride. So, before you start planting beets, you need to decide on the type. Next, you should adhere to simple rules, after which you can harvest a good harvest.

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