Greenhouse tomato varieties: which one is better to choose?

Greenhouse tomato varieties: which one is better to choose?

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In greenhouse conditions, tomatoes can be harvested all year round. Tomato seeds should be chosen taking into account the climatic features of the area. There is a large selection of tomato varieties that are used for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation.


  • Greenhouse tomato varieties: how to choose
  • Tomato varieties for film greenhouses
  • What varieties of tomatoes are intended for a glass greenhouse
  • What you need to know when buying tomato seeds

Greenhouse tomato varieties: how to choose

When growing tomatoes in a greenhouse, favorable conditions should be created for them. The main properties of tomatoes grown in a greenhouse:

  • Resistant to adverse conditions
  • Fast ripening of the crop
  • Yield
  • Good commercial qualities
  • Disease and pest resistance

When choosing seeds, one should take into account the taste, keeping quality of the tomato. The yield of greenhouse tomatoes depends on the microclimate of the greenhouse and the type of bushes grown. There are 2 types of bushes: indeterminate and determinant. You can get a high yield when growing determinant bushes, since the formation of brushes occurs after 2 leaves. In this case, you should regularly apply fertilizers and top dressing.

When choosing indeterminate bushes in the greenhouse, it is imperative to make a support and constantly pinch the tomatoes. A large number of varieties and hybrids are distinguished. When choosing varieties, the above characteristics should be taken into account.

Tomato varieties for film greenhouses

If the greenhouse is covered with a film, then it is recommended to grow determinate tomato bushes. The class of determinant includes the following varieties and hybrids:

  1. Midas. Tall variety of tomatoes. Fruit color is bright orange. From one brush, you can collect 6-8 fruits weighing up to 100g. These tomatoes are of medium ripeness. The tomatoes are elongated and plum-shaped.
  2. The pink king. This is a mid-season variety that needs a garter. The leaves of this variety are large. The fruits grow flat-round. About 7 kg of tomatoes can be obtained from one plant.
  3. Scarlet mustang. The variety is tall. The fruits are elongated and resemble a cucumber in appearance. The weight of one tomato is about 200 g.
  4. Trivet F1. Hybrid of Dutch selection, early maturing. Fruits are round and slightly ribbed, weighing 160 g. This hybrid can be grown in unheated greenhouses.
  5. Yvette F1. Early hybrid tomato. The first fruits appear 1.5 months after planting. The weight of one fruit is 140-150 g. The fruits are large, red. They can be stored for 1 month.
  6. Minaret F1. Ripening period is medium early. The fruits are slightly ribbed, firm and tasty. They have high commercial qualities. Fruit weight about 190 g.
  7. Silhouette F1. Mid-early hybrid. Forms even under unfavorable conditions. Up to 6 kg of fruits are harvested from one hybrid cluster. They do not have a green spot. Tomatoes are round and slightly flattened. They are distinguished by high commercial qualities.
  8. Khlynovsky F1. An early hybrid with red and round fruits, the weight of which can reach 200 g.

From the early varieties with a determinant type of growth, one can distinguish: Funtik, Blagovest, Cavalier, Rosovye cheeks, Druzhok, Shustrik F1, Yarilo, etc.

For contaminated soil, it is better to choose varieties such as Budenovka, Kostroma F1, Intuition F1, Evpator F1, F1 Roma, Erema F1, etc. If the greenhouse is located in a wetland, then Yablonka, Chelbas F1 and Talitsa F1 are suitable for cultivation.

These varieties and hybrids can be grown in glass and film greenhouses.

What varieties of tomatoes are intended for a glass greenhouse

When growing tomatoes in a glass greenhouse, it is better to use indeterminate bushes that have unlimited growth. A plant of this type is constantly growing and forms tall bushes:

  1. Bull heart. Belongs to the group of mid-season varieties. Tomatoes are large with irregularly shaped juicy pulp. The fruits can be of different shades: red or yellow. Up to 12 kg of tomatoes are harvested from one plant.
  2. Bicolor. Fruits are yellow-red, flat-round, mid-season. Can be used for outdoor cultivation.
  3. Pink Elephant. Medium-sized variety. The fruits are fleshy, flattened from below. The mass of a tomato can reach 300 g. For canning, the fruits are not used due to their large size.
  4. Cow's heart. Tall and late-ripening variety. The fruits are ribbed, heart-shaped, fleshy. They are characterized by low keeping quality.
  5. Mikado is pink. The fruits are pink in color, tasty and juicy. The plant can reach a height of 1.8 meters. For this type, pinching is required.

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For growing medium-sized tomatoes in a greenhouse, you can choose:

  1. Southern tan. Refers to mid-season varieties. The fruit is orange in color and resembles a pepper. One fruit weighs about 115 g. The pulp of tomatoes is juicy and firm.
  2. Gold queen. Tall plant, disease resistant. Fruits are bright yellow, flattened.
  3. Happiness F1. The hybrid is mid-season. Up to 5 fruits can form on one hand. They are large, rounded with a pink tint. The mass of one tomato is 250-300 g. This hybrid is resistant to various diseases and has a high yield.
  4. Alcazar F1. It is formed into one stem. Tomatoes appear 110-115 days after planting the seed. Fruits are small, weighing 100-150 g, flattened, red. On one bush, up to 6-8 kg of fruits can form.
  5. Titanic F1. Fruits are formed within 100-120 days. 8-10 kg of fruits are collected from the bush. Round-shaped tomatoes with rich pink color.

Of the early ripening varieties, one can distinguish Verlioka, Typhoon, Druzhok, Semko, etc.

Above are the most popular and common varieties of tomatoes that are intended for cultivation in glass greenhouses.

What you need to know when buying tomato seeds

Even an experienced gardener can get confused by a large selection of producers and varieties of tomatoes. It is important to choose the right seed in order to get a good harvest. Having decided on the variety of tomatoes for greenhouses, it is not recommended to buy seed material from casual buyers, since the seeds can be of poor quality.

Before buying, you should pay attention to the manufacturer. You can ask experienced gardeners. You should only trust trusted manufacturers.

It is not recommended to buy tomato seeds at various promotions, since in many cases it is expired material. The offer also includes low quality seeds that are not popular.

The yield obtained depends on which tomato seeds you purchase. It is necessary to decide for what purposes the tomatoes will be used: for sale, canning, making salads or for universal purposes.

Many gardeners do not know which one is better to buy varietal or hybrid seeds. Seeds can be harvested from varietal tomatoes. In terms of taste, varietals are in the first place. This species ripens at different times.

Tomato hybrids have a beautiful appearance and are no different from the tomatoes shown in the picture. However, hybrid seeds cannot be used for re-growing.

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