Red bentwood: description, cultivation, care

Red bentwood: description, cultivation, care

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The slender bent adorns many lawns. It can grow on any soil, but it grows especially well on peat or sandy soil. It grows slowly, resulting in a beautiful green carpet.


  • Description of culture
  • Cultivation of bent grass
  • Plant care

Description of culture

The bent bent is a perennial plant that has a creeping root, thin foliage. If you mow the lawn on which this plant is grown, then a green, dense carpet is formed through which weeds cannot penetrate.

After a while, inflorescences appear. This occurs in July, and the fruit ripens in August.

The bent bane does not grow quickly. For this reason, this crop is often grown to plant greenery in a small area. This perennial plant is used to create lawns that decorate the suburban area.

Cultivation of bent grass

It is easy to grow this culture, as it does not stand out for being particularly whimsical. The inflorescences do not look bright, they are quite modest. They are often used to create winter bouquets, they add zest to other flowers. Reproduction of bent leaves occurs with the help of seeds and a vegetative way. For this procedure, in the spring, the shoots are separated and cut into pieces, each of them must have several internodes. The prepared cuts are laid out on the site, and then they are covered with earth. After that, the soil should be compacted. Only a few days will pass, and shoots will appear.

This plant will germinate for 3-6 years. After the shoots have appeared, a month must pass for the bushes to form. This culture does not grow up, but to the sides. It forms creeping shoots on which antennae appear. They take root after a while. This species of bent leaves has thin, beautifully shaped leaves. After rooting, new bushes begin to develop, and then form new shoots. With proper care, watering for the whole summer, one bush can grow by 25% of a square meter. Ultimately, the bent will create a grass carpet from many tiers.

Even if the grass has dried out, it continues to create shoots. And dry leaves can be crushed, placed on the soil, and covered with soil on top, it will take less than a month when shoots of a young plant appear. The seeds of this culture are very small, resembling dust. Their size does not exceed 2 mm. To plant them, you need to adhere to these recommendations:

  • prepare the ground in advance
  • for 1 sq. m. up to 2 kg of seeds are used
  • It is recommended to combine them with moistened sawdust
  • the amount of sawdust should be 10 times less than the number of seeds
  • seeds do not need to be sprinkled with soil

Video about the correct planting of a thin bent and caring for the lawn:

In the second half of autumn, mowing of the bent should be carried out. This procedure will have a good effect on the development of the plant. In good weather conditions, the grass is mowed at the end of October. This crop will start to grow again, so in the spring it will be possible to mow it again. The plant begins to turn yellow, so it needs some time for its appearance to be decorative again.

It is recommended to aerate the lawn in the spring. For this, some places in the lawn are pierced using a pitchfork or an aerator. Gardeners are advised to apply complex fertilizer at this time. There are many ways to use the bent to decorate the area. It is often used for sowing near trees, transforming the banks of water bodies.

This plant will not only become a decoration, but also a strengthening. Many people plant this plant in pots and hang it near the house. It looks original, not inferior to the beauty of other curly flowers. In addition, bent grass is ideal for creating a lawn that does not require much maintenance.

Plant care

This crop grows well in a variety of soils, but it is recommended to fertilize it for better plant development. The rhizome of the bent field does not go deep into the ground, so the culture needs constant moisture. There are situations when, due to drought, the plant is able to dry out. But do not worry, because after the rain it will turn green again. It is better to plant the bent in a sunny area, since its development will slow down in the shade.

Despite the fact that the bent field is an unpretentious crop, it is difficult for it to endure drought, so it turns yellow and dries up. In order not to spoil the appearance of the lawn, it is recommended to water the plant after a while. Felt may appear on the grass, so you need to comb it out systematically.

The grass does not grow tall, so it can be an ideal decoration for small lawns. But this plant is also used for lawns. The only thing that is required for the bent grass is watering, then its appearance will be at its best. But you should pay attention to the condition of the plant, as it can be affected by a fungal disease.

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