Green tenderness: ajax cucumber, planting and care features

Green tenderness: ajax cucumber, planting and care features

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Probably, each of us cannot imagine summer without a green, fresh and incredibly crispy cucumber. The fruits of the ajax cucumber take pride of place on the table of almost every hostess, in addition, the fruits of the cucumber are incomparable in salted form. What nuances should you pay attention to when planting and leaving ajax cucumber?


  • Ajax cucumber: planting features
  • Features of plant care
  • Preventing possible problems

Ajax cucumber: planting features

The fruits of this cucumber variety will become a real lifesaver for the hostess. Firstly, they are not picky in the soil, secondly, cucumbers have a good taste, and are suitable both for pickling and for adding them to fresh salads, and finally, thirdly, ajax cucumber is a self-pollinating plant, and which means it can be grown in soil and greenhouse conditions.

A mature plant can be obtained by planting in the ground. Remember, this cucumber variety loves well-heated soil, so planting of seeds can be started when the soil temperature reaches 18-20 degrees Celsius.

The soil should be well saturated with moisture and fertilized. If you did not have time to add humus that year, then it is not too late to add it.

Planting stages include:

  1. Fluff the soil well with a shovel and rake.
  2. Dig holes up to 2 centimeters deep.
  3. Pour a small amount of water into the holes.
  4. Place 2 to 4 seeds in one dimple.
  5. Fill the hole with soil, lightly compact it with soil.

When buying ajax cucumber seeds, pay special attention to the issue of treatment with fungicides. If the seeds were additionally treated with this substance, then there is no need to pre-soak the seeds.

So, we managed to find out that it is necessary to start planting seeds when the soil temperature is in the range of 18-20 degrees Celsius. This variety of cucumber is not whimsical in the choice of soil, up to 10 kilograms of harvest can be harvested from one square meter.

Features of plant care

It is not enough to plant a plant correctly, you also need to be able to properly care for it. If you want to get a good harvest, you need to take care of three factors at once - lighting, nutrition and soil moisture.

Lighting. Lighting plays an important role in plant care. It is good if the area where you planted the seeds is exposed to direct sunlight. This is a sign that you will soon be able to enjoy great taste and a good harvest. So, rule number 1 - choose the sunny side for planting ajax cucumber seeds.

Watering. Almost all cucumbers are moisture-loving plants, so if the rain does not want to spoil the fruit, you will have to do it yourself. Remember that watering is better after sunset, otherwise you may be faced with a leaf burn. Rule number 2 - water the cucumber bushes every 2 days.

Video about the correct formation of a cucumber bush:

Food. In order to increase the yield of cucumbers, you need to feed them a little. If you are against all kinds of feeding, then you can refuse this advice. Remember, you need to fertilize every fall. Soil also tends to "wear out", so it needs your support. Rule number 3 - we bring the crop in early autumn.

These simple tips will help increase the yield of cucumbers. As you can see, the ajax cucumber is not whimsical to its person, you do not have to break your back on the site, just a few competent actions, and you will enjoy the incredible taste of green and crunchy tenderness.

Preventing possible problems

Like any other plant, the ajax cucumber can be susceptible to diseases. Most often, the plant is attacked by gray rot. You can prevent a possible nuisance by tying cucumbers, this is the easiest and safest way to help protect the plant from the spread of gray rot.

How to tie a plant correctly:

  1. Drive the pegs into the soil, the length of one peg should not exceed 1 meter.
  2. Tie a strong rope onto the pegs.
  3. Gently take the weaving of cucumbers and tie them (the same method is used when tying grapes).

Tying will save the crop from rotting and the formation of gray rot. In addition, thanks to tying, the harvesting process will go off with a bang, you no longer need to bend your back, because the tied cucumbers will almost fall into your bucket by themselves.

Today, we managed to get acquainted with one of the most productive varieties of cucumber - ajax. Just imagine, from one square meter you can harvest up to 10 kilograms of harvest, and this despite the fact that the plant is not whimsical to plant, and you don't really need to care for it. Ajax cucumber has excellent taste, it can be enjoyed fresh and salted with pleasure. Ajax is an irreplaceable guest at any table. Good and generous harvests!

Watch the video: Learn all about growing Cucumbers (June 2022).


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