Juniper mint julep: features of plant care

Juniper mint julep: features of plant care

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Juniper mint julep is an evergreen shrub with fragrant sprawling needles. With proper care, the shrub can grow to a large size.

The plant tolerates domestic climatic conditions well; juniper is often used to decorate buildings, gardens and greenhouses.


  • All you need to know about planting juniper mint julep
  • Features of the care of a fragrant juniper
  • What to look out for: diseases and pests

All you need to know about planting juniper mint julep

Remember that juniper is unpretentious in choosing the soil. In addition, the shrub takes root well with some types of conifers, for example, thuja.

The ideal time for planting is the middle of spring, at which time the soil is saturated with trace elements and is well saturated with moisture.

The main stages of planting

Dig a hole. Emphasis should be placed on the width and length of the roots of the juniper, the pit should be spacious so that the root system feels "free".

Pour drainage at the bottom of the pit. Drainage can be red brick, jackdaw, or gravel. Mix all components with each other in equal proportions. Place the plant in the dug hole.

Cover the root system of the juniper with soil and water the shrub.

Remember that the minimum plant between juniper mint julep is 2 meters.

It is forbidden to plant plants closer, because in the course of development, both the crown and the root system develop very much.

It has already been indicated above that after planting, the plant must be watered. Do not forget about the regularity of "bath procedures", this is very important for a young plant.

After 3 weeks, gardeners recommend to loosen the soil with a rake.

So, we managed to find out the secrets of planting juniper mint julep. Do not forget that young shrubs need special care.

Features of the care of a fragrant juniper

Juniper mint julep has an incredibly fragrant spreading crown, which is located at an angle of 45 degrees. Translated from English, the bush sounds like a spicy sweet cocktail. It was taken out a couple of decades ago in the United States.

Watering is very important for a juniper, this is a rather moisture-loving plant that will require additional care. It is better to water mint dzhupel in the evening, when the heat subsides.

If you do not adhere to this rule, then you may encounter such a nuisance as burning branches and a trunk.

Juniper cultivation video:

It will be useful for gardeners to know that junipers need timely pruning. The easiest way to form a plant is by cutting off its branches a little bit.

This will make it possible to grow a "healthy" shrub that will have an aesthetically correct appearance. Do not ignore the advice of circumcision, as there is a possibility that you can bring the juniper to a deplorable state.

In the first winter, it is better to cover the juniper with leaves or special material. After some time, the tree trunks will get stronger, and they will tolerate domestic weather conditions well.

Like most evergreen trees, the juniper loves the sun's rays, so choose a sunny spot for planting.

What you shouldn't forget

Feed the juniper on time, you can use a special tool or ordinary humus. Water your bush after sunset.

Do not forget to prune the branches in time. Choose sunny locations for planting. Provide comfortable conditions for the shrubbery in winter.

Juniper mint julep is not a demanding shrub, the main thing is to remember the rules for caring for it. It is in great demand among gardeners and landscape designers. Decorate your site with this evergreen wonder!

What to look out for: diseases and pests

Remember to check your juniper regularly. The plant can be attacked by aphids, fungus, rust and some types of bedbugs.

Many diseases are the result of the wrong place for the plant. You should not plant junipers near berry and flower plants.

To combat biological pests, it is better to use special products that can be purchased at any garden store.

Some experienced gardeners process the plant in the spring, increasing its protective functions, and protecting the trunk and crown from pests.

The reason that the mint julep juniper has changed color may be dry soil, rotting roots, poor nutrition and lack of drainage.

If the gardener observes a list of these phenomena, then it is time to change the care of the juniper, and although the tree is not whimsical, care cannot be avoided.

Remember, juniper does not take root well with fruit and berry plants. Such a neighborhood should be avoided.

Juniper fits into any color composition. It can be a great find for any garden.

Choose the right place, follow the basic rules of care and the juniper will surely thank you with a beautiful, fragrant, spreading crown.

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