The best tomato seeds for outdoor use in moderate climates

The best tomato seeds for outdoor use in moderate climates

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Tomatoes are among the top three most popular garden crops. Potatoes and cabbage can be called a garden necessity, the main obligatory part of winter harvesting of vegetables, and tomatoes are also very tasty.

In the season they are good fresh, and in the cold season they decorate the table in a canned form according to various recipes.

To ensure a decent harvest of tasty tomatoes, you need to select the best tomato seeds for outdoor use in accordance with the weather and climatic conditions.


  • Ultra-early and early tomatoes for outdoor cultivation
  • The best seeds of mid-season ground tomatoes
  • Late tomatoes for open ground

Ultra-early and early tomatoes for outdoor cultivation

Every gardener dreams of getting the earliest harvest of vegetables. For many, this is not only a matter of a kind of prestige, but also making a profit from the sale of early tomatoes.

And, although greenhouse farms provide retail chains with tomatoes all year round, the taste of vegetables from open ground is much higher.

Therefore, one of the important characteristics of early tomatoes is not only the ripening of the fruits approximately 90 - 95 days after germination, but also the overall yield, and the simultaneous return of the harvest.

Currently, early tomatoes, both varietal and hybrid, resistant to diseases and pests, deserve attention.

Marusya variety - refers to tomatoes that ripen in about a hundred days. Fruits are plum-shaped, weighing up to 90 grams. The skin is dense, reliably protects tomatoes from damage, thanks to which they withstand long-term transportation well and retain their excellent presentation.

Bushes no higher than 80 cm, abundant foliage protects tomatoes from sunburn. It tolerates dry and hot weather well, it is immune to tobacco mosaic and other viral diseases of the tomato.

Due to its high yield, up to 70 tons per hectare, it is recommended for cultivation for sale on farms.

Lovers of early harvests of tomatoes from open ground may also be interested in the following varieties:

  • Persimmon (yellow)
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Fontanka
  • Nevsky
  • Flash
  • Andreyka (yellow)

Hybrid Ksyusha F 1 - tomatoes ripen on the 95th day after mass shoots. Fruits are round, slightly flattened, red, weighing 150 - 180 grams. Great taste. The bush is of medium height, up to 90 cm.

It can be recommended for growing both for sale and for personal needs. One of the best early varieties for fresh consumption. The hybrid is not susceptible to fusarium, tobacco mosaic. Under favorable weather conditions, you can harvest over 60 tons per hectare.

For early varieties, it is advisable to allocate no more than 10 - 15% of the entire area for growing tomatoes. Most of them are under varieties with an average ripening period.

The best seeds of mid-season ground tomatoes

Medium-ripening tomatoes for growing in unprotected soil are the most convenient, because, depending on the time of planting seedlings or sowing seeds, they will yield a harvest a little later than early or a little earlier than very late varieties, that is, they will manifest themselves as medium-early or medium-late tomatoes.

Red Peach variety - at about 110 - 115 days, tomatoes begin to ripen, which with their pubescent skin strongly resemble peach fruits, which gave the name to the variety.

Fruits with a fleshy sweet heart. The average weight of tomatoes reaches 200 grams. The variety is universal, good both fresh and for culinary processing and home canning.

Hybrid F 1 Bourgeois is the most attractive hybrid tomato for both amateur gardening and industrial cultivation. He not only gives the harvest in unison, but also keeps well and ripens when harvested in an unripe or completely green form.

At natural temperatures, fruits can lie for up to 8 to 9 weeks without spoilage. Tomatoes are large enough, weighing up to 300 grams.

Bushes are strong, powerful, up to 1 meter high. The purpose of the tomato hybrid Bourgeois is universal. Under favorable weather conditions and observance of agricultural technology, the yield exceeds 100 tons per hectare.

Resistant to rot virus and tobacco mosaic. Hybrid F 1 Rich - gives fruits in shape similar to large plums with a slight ribbing, weighing up to one hundred grams, ripening occurs after 115 days.

The hybrid is distinguished by the fact that it blooms and gives a fruit ovary in the worst weather conditions. The rich tomato hybrid is ideal for canning with whole fruits.

Now gardeners are offered many interesting mid-season hybrid tomatoes:

  • Veselchak
  • The Iron Lady
  • Katya
  • Princess
  • Larissa

The third group of tomatoes that can actually be grown outdoors are late varieties.

Late tomatoes for open ground

Late ripening varieties include tomatoes, the fruits of which ripen later than 120 days from the moment the bulk of the seedlings appear. Under them, no more than 5 - 10% of the planned tomato plantings on the site are allocated.

Variety Brown sugar - tomatoes of this variety, when fully ripe, acquire a brown or maroon color. Tomatoes weigh up to 150 grams, the shape is round, slightly flattened.

According to the content of substances useful for the body, the variety can be classified as medicinal. Recommended as a prophylactic agent against heart and cancer diseases.

Freshly squeezed juice is used for medicinal purposes. Suitable for food both fresh and canned. The bushes are tall and require anchoring on vertical supports.

Hybrid F 1 Sister - tomatoes of this variety are not large, weighing 70 - 80 grams, elongated, with barely noticeable ribbing, ripen four months after germination.

Recommended for areas with unstable weather conditions, as it bears fruit well in any weather.

It lies well after harvest, which prolongs their fresh use until late autumn. It is better to store fruits at room temperature, as their taste deteriorates with prolonged storage in the refrigerator.

When planning planting a tomato in a summer cottage or garden plot, it is advisable to plant all varieties of tomatoes for open ground.

This will provide the family with delicious fresh fruits for almost 4 months, and canned until the next harvest.

Video about the best varieties of tomatoes for open ground:

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