Spider mite and methods of dealing with it

Spider mite and methods of dealing with it

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The spider mite is a fairly serious pest that affects not only garden crops, but also domestic plants. He is a fairly high danger as a pest.

That is why it is necessary to carry out preventive measures and combat this pest.


  • Description of the pest
  • Spider mite control
  • Folk remedies in the fight against spider mites
  • Spider mite prevention

Description of the pest

The spider mite belongs to the class of arachnids. This pest does not die from drugs that are intended to combat similar ones. It can be red, orange, yellow.

These pests can settle on the underside of plant foliage. If light dots appear on the surface of the leaf, then this indicates the appearance of a spider mite.

After the lapse of time, the pests begin to move to the upper side of the plants.

The spider mite has a small body, which is characterized by a rounded shape. The body of this pest is covered with noticeable bristles, which are very rare.

Spider mites reproduce very quickly. If they stay at a temperature of +15 degrees, then the development of the embryo occurs within 15 days, and at a temperature of +30 degrees - within two days.

In the autumn, spider mites prepare for wintering. In winter, they can accumulate at the bottom or top of the room. At the time of wintering, spider mites practically do not attack plants, since they do not feed at all.

Spider mite control

When a pest appears, you must immediately begin to fight it. Initially, it is necessary to treat the plant with a solution of laundry soap or dish detergent.

The solution must be used warm so as not to injure the plant. When using this method, it will not be possible to completely get rid of the spider mite, but it is still possible to destroy half of its representatives.

When spider mites appear on single plants, they must be removed immediately. Among the home methods of dealing with spider mites is watering.

After watering, the plants are covered with a plastic bag and in this state for three days. In order to get rid of all the progeny of the spider mite, it is necessary to make small-drop spraying of plants.

For this purpose, phosphorus or sulfur preparations are used. The pest does not tolerate ultraviolet rays.

That is why it hides on the underside of plant leaves. If you irradiate the leaves with ultraviolet rays. It will not be possible to completely get rid of the spider mite with the help of rays, and it is quite possible to reduce their number.

In order for the tick not to develop resistance to drugs, sulfur and phosphorus chemicals must be alternated. Also, in the fight against spider mites, the following insecticides are quite effective:

  • Vermitec
  • Fitoverm
  • Aktofit

These drugs are able to fight spider mites at a high level of quality. It is necessary to process plants with them several times at intervals of two weeks.

This is because insecticides are not capable of killing tick eggs and will need to wait until they are born. It is best to use preparations of intestinal contact action in the fight against spider mites.

Folk remedies in the fight against spider mites

If there is no opportunity to purchase insecticides for pest control, then home control methods can be used. A fairly effective method of dealing with spider mites is dousing with cold water. This procedure is necessary only if the plant can withstand.

Spider mites can settle on plants that should not be sprayed. In this case, a jar of turpentine must be placed near the plant. You can also use finely chopped garlic for this purpose.

The plant, together with the used product, must be covered with a plastic bag and kept for several hours.

A preparation can also be made from garlic, with the help of which the plant will be sprayed. To do this, you need to take 200 grams of finely chopped or pounded garlic and pour one liter of water.

The drug is tightly closed and infused throughout the day. To spray plants, you need to take only 6 grams of the product and dilute with one liter of water. In the same way, you can prepare an onion solution. Only you do not need to dilute it.

Medicinal dandelion is quite effective in the fight against spider mites. You can buy this plant ready-made at any pharmacy. To prepare the product, 20-30 grams of dandelion roots are taken, crushed and poured with one liter of water.

It is necessary to insist the remedy for several hours. Then the preparation is filtered and used for spraying plants. Cyclomen can be used to kill spider mites.

To prepare the product, you need to take several parts of the flower tubers and boil in boiled water for 40 minutes. Next, you need to cool the broth and insist for a day.

Plants are sprayed with this preparation.

After five days, the procedure must be repeated. If a spider mite has attacked hard-leaved plants, then rubbing alcohol can be used to combat it.

A cotton swab is slightly moistened with rubbing alcohol. They need to rub the leaves of the plant. It is necessary to apply alcohol in a thin layer so that it does not cause burns. Before carrying out this procedure, it is necessary to test the reaction of the plant to alcohol on one leaf.

Spider mite prevention

Folk remedies and insecticides are quite effective in the fight against spider mites. But it would be best to carry out a set of preventive measures so that this pest does not appear on plants.

Spider mites appear in dry air or high humidity. That is why it is necessary to ensure optimal air humidity in the room or in the greenhouse.

In order to avoid the appearance of this pest, it is necessary to carry out regular spraying of the plant. During the process, it is necessary to be as careful as possible, since the accumulated water in the grooves of the leaves and in the core of the plant can lead to its decay.

Caring for the plant consists in harvesting dead flowers and dried leaves. If this procedure is not carried out regularly, then spider mites can easily appear on the plant. It is also necessary to wipe dust from the plants. For this purpose, an ordinary damp cloth is used.

Neem oil can also be used to prevent spider mites. This remedy is very well tolerated by many plants. It contains various medications against which ticks cannot develop immunity.

The spider mite is the enemy of not only indoor plants, but also garden plants. That is why they need to create the most correct growth conditions. This will prevent the occurrence of this pest.

Spider mite and the fight against it

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