Aleshenkin grapes

Aleshenkin grapes

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This grape variety is quite popular, its second name is №328 or "Aleshin". To breed this grape variety, the process of crossing a mixture of table varieties pollen was carried out. The grapes grow well in central Russia, are widespread in summer cottages and are famous for their excellent taste.


  • Description of the variety
  • Features of the variety
  • Yield
  • Growing features

Description of the variety

The grapes of this variety are distinguished by early ripening periods, and their useful and taste qualities make it possible to use them in a wide variety of industries. On average, it takes 120 days from the beginning of the ripening of the buds to the appearance of the berries, which are completely ready for use.

Distinctive features of the Aleshenkin grape variety:

  1. A distinctive feature is the leaves, which have five lobes, they are moderately dissected and of a rich emerald hue.
  2. On one shoot, on average, two inflorescences ripen. The inflorescences themselves are of both sex type, and the laying of fertile buds occurs every year.
  3. The bunches are large in size, have a conical shape, and the average weight of one bunch of grapes ranges from 0.8-2.7 kg.
  4. The shape of the grapes is oval, the color is rich, amber, in some cases, a bloom of white can be observed on the berries.
  5. A ripe berry that is ready to eat has a weight of up to 500 grams, it has a rich, juicy taste.
  6. Almost half of the ripe berries do not have seeds inside.

Features of the variety

The main feature of this grape variety is the rapid growth rate of the bushes. In a new place, the cuttings take root quickly and well, the rooting process also occurs as soon as possible. The shoots have a good level of ripening, and the grape sleeves themselves can bear fruit with juicy and tasty berries for 6-7 years.

The bunches are slightly loose, cone-shaped. The sugar level in the juice of the grapes "Aleshenkin" is 20%, the acidity is 7g / l.

As the tasting scale shows, the berries of this variety received a mark of 8.9 points.


Aleshenkin grapes are included in the category of high-yielding products. One adult bush is capable of producing up to 25 kilograms of high-quality and tasty harvest per year. But, in order for the vine to really have a high level of fruitfulness, it is necessary to comply with all the requirements for the cultivation and care of this grape variety.

This variety is one of the earliest grape varieties, while the total number of active temperatures does not exceed 2000 degrees Celsius. (This indicator is the sum of all average daily temperatures for 120 days of grape ripening).

You can start harvesting from late July to early September.

Growing features

In order for the Aleshenkin grape variety to really have excellent taste and ripen on time, a number of recommendations for its care and cultivation must be followed:

  1. The main differences of this variety are fast growth and a good level of rooting. But the part that is located above the ground does not tolerate frost well, therefore, grafting of this variety is best done on varieties that are resistant to subzero temperatures. Otherwise, there is a risk of plant loss after the first winter.
  2. It is necessary to plant grapes in the spring, as soon as the frost ends. This is necessary to reduce the risk of freezing. The finished seedling must be planted along with the land in which it began to develop, so the plant and a clod of earth are transferred to a previously prepared hole. In advance, the hole is watered abundantly with water and peat is additionally laid. In the first three to four days after planting the seedling, abundant watering must be observed, then it is gradually replaced by moderate watering.
  3. This grape variety is unpretentious, even if the whole summer was cool and rainy. At the end of July, you can already harvest a good harvest. But in the winter period of time, the aboveground part should be covered, even if this variety was grafted onto frost-resistant grapes.
  4. Once a year, it is necessary to carry out such a procedure as pruning shoots that do not develop well and practically do not give any yield. This will keep the whole bush in excellent condition and increase the level and quality of grape yields. Pruning for a given grape variety should be carried out in two main types: long (8-10 eyes) and medium pruning for 5-6 eyes. One bush can have about 50 eyes.

Do not lose sight of such an important point as feeding the bushes, preventing diseases and getting rid of grapes from numerous microorganisms that cause irreparable damage to the entire vine.

This variety has an average level of resistance to diseases and harmful microorganisms, therefore it is necessary to systematically treat the bush with special disinfectants.

For soil fertilization, you can use mineral fertilizers, in particular, potassium salt or superphosphate showed good results in practice. Also, wood ash and compost have a beneficial effect on the development of Aleshenka grapes.

For fertilizing the soil, it is best to use liquid fertilizers, since it is these substances that the soil will assimilate well. Each gardener chooses a method for himself. It can be either root or foliar.

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