We decorate a summer cottage: how to grow roses from seeds?

We decorate a summer cottage: how to grow roses from seeds?

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In practice, the use of the seed propagation method for these beautiful flowers is usually used when breeding new varieties and to obtain full-fledged seeds from rose seedlings. Varieties of roses that do not transmit their natural qualities to seedlings reproduce in a different way: vegetatively or by grafting.


  • Seed selection
  • Material stratification
  • Seed treatment procedure

Seed selection

Flower shops offer a wide variety of rose seeds, from "classics" (variety "Angels Wings") to high-status Floribunda. You can use seeds for planting from your summer cottage.

How to grow roses from the seeds of canina, cinnamon, needle-leaved, red-leaved, wrinkled, the most beautiful express - perennial "Angels Wings", the most suitable for reproduction, easily grafted. The second half of summer is the period of ripening of the fruits of these crops, you can determine the moment when it is necessary to collect seeds by the characteristic red or yellow color. Following the collection, you need to extract the seeds from the fruits, add clean river sand (moistened!) Or a sand-peat mixture in a ratio of four to one. Further, the mixture in boxes is sent to the basement.

You can not dry the seeds of rose crops, germination will become less vigorous. For the period of seed stratification, it takes from eight to eighteen months. The optimum temperature is maintained at up to three degrees. Free access of air and sufficient humidity are required.

Material stratification

No stratification is necessary for the seeds of the wrinkled and cinnamon rose varieties. In the fall they are sown in the ground, and in the spring the first shoots appear.

Compact polyanthus roses with abundant flowering are suitable for the seedling method of growing seedlings. They are grown both in the garden and at home. Seed material is placed in pots for seedlings in winter to maintain the stratification period.

The seeds are preliminarily treated with growth stimulants, which makes it possible to activate the process of their germination. The soil for planting seeds in pots must be saturated with moisture. The seeds are pressed into the soil and sprinkled with wet sand for compaction.

Crops are treated with an aqueous solution using a spray bottle, the pot is packed with plastic wrap and left in the room for two weeks, after which a stratification period begins, lasting from one to two months. During this time, the temperature of the storage location should not exceed seven degrees.

High-quality plant seeds when using pre-sowing soaking and growth stimulants give the first shoots even with stratification. To prevent the seedlings from overgrowing, they must be placed in a cool, but well-lit place. Seedlings are carefully protected from exposure to sunlight. It is important.

Seed treatment procedure

To obtain rose seeds, you need to have a well-sharpened knife on hand to carefully cut the fruit. Next you will need:

  • Fine strainer, deep enough
  • Deep bowl
  • Cotton disks
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • Plastic bags

Seeds are carefully removed from the cut fruit. The pulp is removed as its presence slows down the emergence of the sprouts.

The next stage is the disinfection of seeds using hydrogen peroxide. The seeds in a sieve are dipped into the solution for 20 minutes, bubbles may form. This is normal.

Then the seeds are laid out on a substrate and covered with the same material soaked in a solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Each variety is packed in an individual bag (do not remove the soaked napkins), on which the grade is marked and the date is indicated. Stored in the refrigerator, a vegetable section is suitable for this. During storage, it is necessary to periodically check for mold. If available, the packing napkins are replaced. After one and a half to two months, the first shoots appear, which are transferred through pots or peat tablets.

In order to prevent the formation of a "black leg", the surface of the substrate is mulched with a thin layer of perlite. Additional illumination of seedlings is added (10 hours of daylight hours). As a result, you get strong, developed seedlings. Watering is done as needed. Fertilizer saturation - in a very limited amount.

For the first bud to appear after transplanting into a pot, it takes eight weeks of plant development, and after another three to five weeks, touching and delicate miniature flowers on a tiny bush begin to open.

Fragrant ... sophisticated ... and most importantly - the author's! The rose you have grown from seed.

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