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Saranka(Lílium mártagon), genus of liliaceae. Otherwise, curly lily or royal curls. Good afternoon friends. is with you again. Saranka is a rare plant and is listed in the Red Book. Grows in mixed forests, in shady meadows and forest edges. This perennial low bulbous plant is a melliferous and medicinal plant. Immediately I remember my childhood, how the guys and I went to the forest and believed that it was fortunate to meet a locust. They carefully dug them up and took them apart into scales and feasted on them. There were many locusts at that time. The saranka has a straight, strong stem, lanceolate smooth leaves. It blooms in July at the age of 3-4 years, the flowers are bent on elongated pedicels, pinkish with dark purple spots - kanopushki and red anther stamens. Flowers have a weak aroma, pollinated by butterflies. Propagated by seeds and bulbs by children. The plant forms a large bulb, consisting of juicy scales. The composition is poorly studied. It is used as a food raw, baked and as a condiment. The peoples of Yakutia use the Kyrgyz as a flour as a seasoning in the preparation of sheep's cheese. This medicinal plant has long been used in folk medicine in Tibet, Siberia and the Far East as a wound healing agent, relieves inflammation and toothache. Saranka is a very beautiful ornamental plant with a number of useful properties, which led to its abrupt disappearance in Russia. This rare plant must be preserved and protected from destruction. You haven't read it yet .. then I recommend it. Rare Plants of Russia. About Endangered Species. Medicinal plants of Siberia. About useful plants. Poppy plant. I appreciate your attention and appreciate your time, so I suggest you subscribe. I wish you good luck and success.

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