Forget-me-not garden: modest beauty

Forget-me-not garden: modest beauty

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Forget-me-not is a plant belonging to the Burachnikov family. In order to meet a beautiful forget-me-not on your site, you need to take care of the correct cultivation and care of this marvelous flower.


  • Description of the plant
  • How to take care of forget-me-nots in your own garden?
  • Forget-me-not pests

Description of the plant

Forget-me-not garden usually has a blue color with a beautiful yellow eye. Sometimes the peephole can be white or pink. Flowers are collected in a bunch. Flowering takes 3-4 weeks. If it is cool, the process may take longer. Spring frosts, if they are not large, are very well tolerated by forget-me-not.

Forget-me-not in landscape design

Despite the modesty of this plant, garden forget-me-not is often used by landscape designers. Often, it is located in the so-called meadows on the lawn. Also, it is quite often used in dense vegetation in order to diversify the color scheme. After all, forget-me-not grows well among the thick grass.

Recently, on personal plots, you can find a Moorish lawn. Without the use of garden forget-me-not, such a lawn practically cannot exist. The composition completely loses all its unsurpassed appearance. The decor of the borders acts as an important role for forget-me-not. Quite often along the paths there is a forget-me-not with spring bulbous plants.

As for the spring landscape design using forget-me-nots, it is better to use it with tulips or daffodils.

How to take care of forget-me-nots in your own garden?

In order for the garden forget-me-not to please the eye and create a unique landscape design, you need to take care of proper care when growing.


  1. Location. Forget-me-not garden grows well both in the shade and on the surface, where the sun constantly falls. However, where there is a shadow, forget-me-not blooms longer. In a shaded area, the flowers take on a bright blue tint.
  2. Earth. A modest forget-me-not grows with pleasure in moist soil. She does not need too nutritious soil, but the forget-me-not will not want to be on sand with poor performance either.
  3. The amount of moisture. As for watering, the plant practically does not require it, especially if it has to grow in a darkened place. At the end of spring, it has enough moisture in the soil. However, it is necessary to observe the forget-me-not, and if there are noticeable dull leaves, then watering must be done without fail.
  4. Winter period. Forget-me-not is not afraid to winter. Moreover, in a strip with a mild climate, she is not at all afraid of anything. In general, no special arrangements are required.
  5. Reproduction. Unpretentious forget-me-not garden and in the matter of reproduction. There is no need to sow forget-me-not every year, especially since it reproduces by seeds. The plant will do everything by itself using the self-seeding method.

How to sow forget-me-not?

In the event that there is no forget-me-not on the site, but you really want it to please the eye, you need to purchase seeds and start sowing in July. Moreover, it is necessary to first prepare special ridges. To prepare the soil, it is necessary to dig up and fertilize it several times. In particular, it is necessary to add peat, and then tamp the soil a little. After the seeds are sown, you need to sprinkle the soil a little with sand.

Next, you need to constantly monitor that the soil is slightly moist. In about 3 weeks, new sunrises can be expected. In the first winter, it is necessary for young forget-me-nots to be mulched. This method involves covering the soil with peat chips or leaves.

Forget-me-not pests

Despite the unpretentiousness of the plant and the fact that people like it very much, various pests like it, which as a result leads to the appearance of diseases.

The main ailment of the plant can be root and gray rot. Also, downy mildew may appear on the plant. Aphids also will not bypass forget-me-not, and various species can harm it. Also, they can harm garden forget-me-not:

  • Cruciferous fleas
  • Slugs of different types
  • Scoops

However, preventive measures can be taken to prevent root rot. In particular, you can use the drug "Hom". It must be used per 10 liters of ordinary water 40 grams of the drug. Its consumption is 2 liters of ready-made solution per 10 sq. M. It is necessary to use the solution after 10 days have passed after germination. Means are also used against dew (powdery). This could be:

  • Topaz
  • Spark
  • Speed

It is very important to prevent the appearance of pests on the plant in time, so that later the forget-me-not will please the eye.

Video about making a bouquet of forget-me-nots, violets and burdock:

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