Perennial sweet peas

Perennial sweet peas

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Perennial sweet peas appeared in our gardens relatively recently, but they have already gained quite a lot of popularity and love. This is not surprising, since this plant has a very beautiful and original appearance, a wonderful aroma, and is also quite unpretentious and easy to cultivate, especially when it comes to sufficiently experienced gardeners.

Grow perennial sweet peas with the help of seedlings, which are usually planted in the garden in May. Seedlings, in turn, are obtained from seeds. Sweet pea seeds must be sown in February for the timely receipt of seedlings necessary for planting a plant. Before planting seeds, it is recommended to soak them for two days in warm clean water with the addition of a special preparation, which is a good fertilizer suitable for such cases.

It is best to grow seedlings in special primeredesigned for saintpaulias or roses. During the cultivation of seedlings, it must be fed with special fertilizers twice. After planting the plant, any special care, except for watering, is usually not needed. However, it is better to pull a special support for it immediately after planting, since perennial sweet peas usually reach about one and a half meters in length.

Perennial sweet pea blooms from June to November, therefore, will be able to decorate any garden for a very long time. For this quality, many housewives fell in love with peas and often grow it even on the balconies of city apartments, which allows you to create the feeling of your own mini-garden.

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