Balcony tomatoes

Balcony tomatoes

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Balcony tomatoes have been popular lately. For seedlings you need to prepare boxes 35 by 35 centimeters and about 40 centimeters high... More than ten boxes can be installed on a standard balcony, one plant can be placed in each box.

The soil must be prepared in advance. For balcony tomatoes, it is good to use a mixture consisting of one part of sand or sawdust, three parts of earth and one part of organic fertilizer, manure can be used. The bottom of the drawer can be covered with straw or sawdust for good moisture retention. The soil mixed with fertilizers is poured on top, and then sawdust is laid, which are mixed with the previous layer, then again a layer of straw and soil with fertilizers. It is a good idea to add peat-ammonia fertilizer and a couple of tablespoons of soda to the top layer of the mixture.

Together with the seedlings, insert into the box stick, which will serve as a support for the plant. Caring for tomatoes is not very difficult. Plants need water twice a day. To do this, you can use settled water. Watering is carried out in the morning and in the evening. It is necessary to moisten the soil moderately, the soil should be moist, not mushy. It is also necessary hilling stems, and removing weeds. Tomatoes you need feed three weeks after planting seedlings. They use technical urea and mineral fertilizers. During the summer, 2-3 dressings are carried out.

Balcony tomatoes are easy to grow, and since they are at hand, they can always be given due attention.

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