Heather is a plant of delicate beauty

Heather is a plant of delicate beauty

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Heather plant of delicate beauty, is a shrub with narrow squamous tetrahedral leaves. Heather is a diverse plant, with numerous species, differing in leaves and color.

Heather leaves can be yellow, silver, red, orange, bronze, brown, and can also have all shades of green.

Heather blooms with pink, white, purple, cherry and crimson flowers. Usually, heather has a nondescript appearance for six months, but from the moment of its flowering, which occurs in July-August, it amazes with the splendor of flowering, turning the garden into a work of art. Due to the fact that the flowers, even when they dry out, remain on the plant, it seems that the heather blooms until late autumn.

Heather is a plant that loves natural conditions: sunny or light partial shade, acidic soil, sufficient moisture. Moisture is especially necessary for very young plants, which are only planted from pots, as well as for all plants before the winter freezing of the soil. Do not forget that some types of heather should be covered for the winter. Heather loves mulching, especially with crushed bark, leaf humus, needles or sawdust, which also acidify the soil, prevent weeds from multiplying, retain moisture, protect plant roots from overheating in summer and freezing in winter.

You don't need to feed the heather, in nature it grows on completely poor soils. The best way to reproduce is by air layers, for this a long loop is bent to the ground, fixed with a hairpin, stone and sprinkled with earth, watered regularly.

Heather rarely gets sick but it can suffer from late blight, in which case the plant dies. After the heather has bloomed, it must be trimmed along the green part of the branch, this will help reduce the aging rate of the heather, increase the bush's splendor and flowering.

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