Black currant is an unpretentious plant in the home garden

Black currant is an unpretentious plant in the home garden

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Many people know the value of blackcurrant fruits, because it is not just a rich source of vitamin C, but also vitamins B, P and A, as well as trace elements such as potassium, phosphorus and iron. Black currant refers to those berries that can prevent cancer, and are also considered an effective remedy for cardiovascular diseases.

Blackcurrant bushes are grown by almost every amateur gardener, because with proper care, the bushes give a bountiful harvest, and a perennial plant will delight its owners with berries for many years. Planting currants is best in row spacing in gardens, since it is a shade-tolerant plant, but not shade-loving and this is very important.

Blackcurrant grows best on sloping terrain - no more than 5-10 degrees, but in its lower part or in the middle. At the height, the berries do not have time to grow and are most often small and do not even have time to ripen. But these should not be saucer-shaped depressions, because cold air is most often trapped in them.

Currant enough unpretentious plant and even survives frosts without problems, but nevertheless, if there are very severe frosts in the region, then for the winter it is better to insulate currant cuttings by hilling with earth. Black currant loves loose soil, therefore, from spring and over the summer, at least 5-7 soil loosening should be carried out.

Planted cuttings in the fall, and in the spring they can already give their first fruits. Nutrients are especially important for currants, which increases the yield of bushes, therefore, it is very necessary to fertilize currants. pruning is also very important for the growth of large berries. It can be carried out both in autumn and spring.

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