Large-fruited currants: record-breaking varieties

Large-fruited currants: record-breaking varieties

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Currant is an extremely valuable berry in terms of both taste and health benefits. Black, red and white berries are excellent filling for pies and cakes, an integral ingredient in compotes, jelly, preserves and preserves... The only drawback of currants can be called only the extremely small size of its berries, because of which the harvesting process turns into a real workout for the nervous system and is delayed for long hours. However, today, thanks to the many years of efforts of breeders, gardeners have access to such a luxury as large-fruited currant.

Large-fruited black currant has a huge number of varieties, the names themselves testify to the really impressive size of the berries. For example, varieties such as Giant, Bogatyr, Record, Champion, Large and Large-fruited... And, of course, one cannot fail to mention a wonderful variety of currants, which has a truly original name - the largest of all. But this name is not entirely true, because the largest currant of the variety Yadrenaya is recognized: the maximum mass of its berries reaches seven, and sometimes eight grams.

However, breeders are working not only in the direction of increasing the mass of the berries themselves. So, Far Eastern specialists created currant varieties a few years ago, having small berries that are collected in huge bunches... One of the most successful varieties of this kind can be safely called Lucia - the owner of luxurious thirty-centimeter bunches.

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