Indian onion is a useful plant

Indian onion is a useful plant

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Indian bow or as it may also be called ornithogalum, brandushka, tailed birdhouse - a perennial bulbous plant that belongs to the lily family. It has nothing to do with the regular bow we all know.

Indian onions reproduce by seated bulbs, from which flat leaves grow, twisting at the end into a tube. Large bulbs in indoor conditions bloom annually in November December.

In the second year after disembarkation, a fleshy, large, without a void, an arrow of a peduncle at least fifty cm long appears at the onion. Flowers are located along its length, which do not bloom at the same time, but gradually, starting from the bottom and ending with the top. There are many flowers, up to a hundred flowers can appear on one branch. By the time the last flower blooms, the first faded one already has seeds. Since the onion blooms in winter, there is no one to pollinate it, so the owner of the plant should do this procedure with a brush.

The healing properties of Indian onions are not yet fully understood., but folk medicine widely uses it for external anesthesia for bruises, for joint pain, for healing wounds, abscesses, for getting rid of headaches and acute respiratory infections.

Indian onions are extremely poisonous, they cannot be used internally, only externally!

All active and valuable substances are contained in onion juice, when in contact with the skin, blood flow to the problem area increases, which reduces pain. When using it, you need to remember that the juice causes a strong burning sensation where it is applied. So that a strong allergy does not arise, it is better to conduct a test: on a small area of ​​skin near the elbow (there is the most delicate and thin skin), apply an onion leaf for five minutes, if, within an hour after the procedure, rashes appeared on the skin and severe itching, then Indian onion it is best not to include it on your list of medicines. If everything went well, then the onion can be used, but carefully, make sure that its juice does not fall on the mucous membranes.

And it is advisable to consult a doctor.

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