Selection potatoes, what are their advantages

Selection potatoes, what are their advantages

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Selection potatoes, unlike ordinary potatoes, has many advantages. After all, this is why breeders are working on improving the quality of potatoes in order to bring out a product that meets the growing requirements of the consumer.

The advantages of selection potatoes are their consistently high productivity, resistance to the most dangerous diseases and pests (late blight, bacteriosis, potato nematode, Colorado potato beetle, wireworm), excellent presentation.

Selection potatoes are produced depending on the direction of their selection. There are such directions as

- selection on the early maturity of the variety, in which the potato bush manages to form a crop in a shorter time, mainly before the mass spread of late blight.
- selection high starch content, because it is known that the higher the starch content in the tubers, the more tasty it is.
- selection the suitability of potato tubers for industrial processing... The products of its processing, when compared with fresh potatoes, are stored significantly longer, due to various food additives they have a higher value (food and biological), do not require special storage conditions, and they are also more transportable.

Popular selection potatoes: Adretta, Bellarosa, Vityaz, Vineta, Vitara, Waterfall, Zhukovsky early, Colette, Lasunak, Lorkh, Lugovskaya, Neva, Forget-me-not, Polesskaya pink, Sineglazka, Dawn Kiev, Slava.

Potato varieties are classified into ultra-early, early, mid-early, mid-season,
medium late.

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