Eggplant pests

Eggplant pests

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Eggplant pests - this is aphids, spider mites, naked slugs.

The most dangerous eggplant pest is aphid... It appears on stems, leaves, flowers, feeds on plant sap. To combat aphids, plants are treated with rapidly decaying insecticides (karbofos or keltan)... Eggplant sprinkled before flowering and after flowering... Eggplant cannot be processed during the fruiting period. You can also apply a solution from a glass wood ash, glasses tobacco dust with hot water, which is insisted for a day. Before spraying, the solution is stirred, filtered and a tablespoon of ordinary liquid soap is added. Eggplants are sprayed in the morning from a sprayer.

Spider mite sucks the juice from the leaves of the eggplant. Leaves become spottedand then dry up. The yield is significantly reduced. The spider mite reproduces rather quickly. To combat it, a solution is prepared from garlic or onion with dandelion leaves, a tablespoon of liquid soap... The mixture is diluted in water, filtered and sprayed on the plants.

Naked slugs are pests of eggplant, which not only destroy the leaves, but also damage the fruit... To prevent planting, it should be kept clean, and the grooves should be treated freshly slaked lime or a mixture of ash, lime, and tobacco dust... And in hot and sunny weather, loosening is carried out to a depth of five centimeters. This can be combined with pollination with bitter ground pepper (in red or black).

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