Growing decorative peppers

Growing decorative peppers

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Growing decorative peppers produced for the sake of the fruit. Ornamental pepper refers to family Solanaceae... Ripe peppers keep on the bushes for a very long time.

The cultivation of decorative peppers is carried out using seedalso use vegetative propagation by stem and apical cuttings... Seeds are sown in early spring in the ground and covered with foil or glass. Temperature must be maintained about 24-28 degrees, also need to be regularly ventilated. Shoots appear in two to three weeks. Then the plant is transplanted into separate pots at the two-leaf stage and exposed to full lighting in a warm place (loggias, balconies, garden). Pepper need water and spray, periodically use complex soluble fertilizers... After the ripening of the pepper, feeding is stopped. In apartments with dry air, pepper should be sprayed more often. Until the pepper is fully ripe, about 110 days.

Decorative pepper is considered perennial plant, but even with special care, life can only be extended to three or four years.

Tiny decorative pepper pods can be used in cooking as hot seasoning, but some of them come across very burning. Among the modern varieties of pepper, there are sweet species.

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