Summer adonis: application and beneficial properties

Summer adonis: application and beneficial properties

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Summer adonis is a species of perennial herbaceous plants belonging to the genus Adonis of the Buttercup family. It is used like medicinal and ornamental plant.

Summer adonis flowers can have the most varied colors: blood-red, yellowish, red lead, with a blackish eye, etc. This causes its widespread use in decorative floriculture for decorating flower beds, as well as in ridges, borders, Moorish lawns and for cutting. The best option for planting summer adonis is group planting or places around sparsely planted shrubs. Most of all, with summer adonis, mahonia, yew, thuja and boxwood are combined; they look very elegant with arabis, primroses, anemones and various early flowering plants. Summer adonis should be planted closer to the paths, as well as from the east and west sides of rocky hills.

Today there is every reason to believe that summer adonis can be used as a substitute for such a well-known medicinal plant as spring adonis. In homeopathy, the stems, flowers, leaves of the plant are used. The stems and flowers of spring adonis are rich in carbohydrates and related compounds: adonite, cardenolide, carotene, etc .; flowers - carotenoid, astacin; fruits - alkaloids. Due to its high cardiogonic activity, adonis summer is a promising raw material for the production of medicinal preparations.

Summer adonis has strong antibacterial properties, it is able to increase blood clotting. It is also effective in treating kidney and bladder diseases, and is used as a laxative and diuretic.

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