Arrowhead ordinary

Arrowhead ordinary

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Arrowhead ordinary are referred to as perennial herbaceous plants belonging to the family of chalice. The arrowhead grows in particular under water or in water, it is also quite capable of adapting to the soil, but this will require certain care and systematic soil moisture.

Depending on the place and living conditions, the arrowhead is distinguished three main forms. In shallow water or on the shore, the plant has stelate-shaped flood leaves, due to which the plant got its name. This type of arrowhead usually blooms in July. On the trihedral peduncle there are whorls with flowers, usually three. The flowers contain three white petals with a crimson speck, as well as three sepals. Pollination of the plant occurs with the help of insects.

Plants adapted at a depth, have yellow-green translucent petals like thin silky ribbons. This type of arrowhead never blooms. There are cases when this type of plant has floating arrow-shaped leaves with a rounded base with long petioles. The leaves of the three types are very rarely combined on one plant.

Arrowhead fruit, as a rule, they form closer to autumn. Thanks to the air available, the fruits swim very well and are carried by the wind over fairly large distances.

Arrowhead tubers very enriched with starch and pleasant to the taste. Arrowhead tubers appear only in late autumn and early spring. Various aquatic animals feed on the shoots of this plant, and various water birds feast on the leaves.

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