Tuberose flower - fragrant tenderness

Tuberose flower - fragrant tenderness

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Poets and writers of the Silver Age often mentioned in their works the delightful aroma of a night beauty - tuberose, alluring and sophisticated, it made you surrender to dreams and desires. But after all polyanthes tuberous - a real find both for a personal plot and for decorating a room. Tuberose flower - is charming with its delicate aroma and delicate graceful beauty.

This miracle belongs to the genus Amarylis, and comes from Mexico. Having spread across the globe, Tuberose has conquered many flower growers. In caring for polyanthes, a florist should focus on gladioli. It is also thermophilic, it must also be dug up for the winter and stored in a cool dry (optimal temperature + 10 degrees) room.

It is necessary to plant tuberose in late February or early March. bulbs need to be taken at least 2 centimeters in diameter, remove the babies, clean the bottom of last year's roots - just like in gladioli. The soil for tuberose must be specially prepared: leafy earth - 2 parts, humus - 1 part and sand - 1 part. Before planting in the ground, the tubers can be treated with a root stimulator. To do this, half the onion is dipped into the prepared solution. Pre-germination can also be carried out in wet sawdust.

If tuberose is grown at home in a container, then it needs to provide optimal temperature conditions - it loves warmth, and the water regime - tuberose is better "under-drunk than over-drunk".

The conditions for growing tuberose are not difficult, but they will be rewarded with beautiful delicate flowers and a delicate aroma.

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