Primroses in pictures with names

Primroses in pictures with names

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Primroses - This is a fairly large family of primroses, in which there are many species.

These flowers are both bulbous and rhizome. All early-flowering plants in spring are classified as primroses.

Most often you can find on the Internet such primroses in pictures with names: snowdrops, hyacinths, crocuses, daffodils (bulbous plants), hellebore, lungwort (rhizome).

All primroses require virtually no special care. If you want to see your garden blooming in very early spring, then all you need to do for the primroses is to find a suitable place for them in your garden.

Bulbous primroses should be planted in autumn. But you can buy ready-made plants, such as crocuses or hyacinths, and plant them in your garden in the spring. They adapt quickly after transplanting. Jellyfish and hellebore can be planted in the spring, they can be planted by dividing the bush.

All primroses love moist soil and grow well in partial shade conditions. If placed in the open sun in dry areas, the plants can infect diseases and pests.

Peacock flowers in pictures with names can often be seen growing under trees and shrubs. For them, this is the best place for successful growth and flowering.

A good choice would be to plant primroses in flower beds with perennials. In early spring, your flower beds will be decorated with flowering primroses, and then they will be replaced by flowering of perennial plants.

You do not need to fertilize the primroses, just regularly remove dried leaves from them, separate the overgrown bulbs, you can periodically add humus and compost to the soil.

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