Ramson in the photo

Ramson in the photo

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Not everyone can grow wild garlic! This type of onion takes a very long time to germinate, and it takes only three years to harvest edible fruits after planting!

Many do not even know what wild garlic looks like and what it resembles! Ramson in the photo looks like an ordinary onion, only the plant blooms for a long time! There can be up to 120 flowers in an inflorescence, and they bloom gradually, independent of each other! So you won't be able to miss this onion during flowering, it's another matter to grow it up to this moment!

Everyone knows that wild garlic is full of vitamins and nutrients!

It tastes little like onion, but it looks very much like garlic!

So what criteria must be met, if you want to grow this miracle vitamin in your area?

Everything is very tall:

  • wild garlic is a shade-loving plant;
  • ripens in early spring, it is advisable to sow seeds at home. Spread the seeds on a damp cloth and sprinkle a little with soil! From autumn to spring, the plant will spend at your home and give small shoots, which will not allow you to lose sight of this plant;
  • it is necessary to plant the bulb so that 1/2 is on the surface, then during each year the bulb will rise 5 mm to the top;
  • wild garlic does not require strong watering, since its roots go to a depth of 20 centimeters;
  • it is possible to divide the bulb for planting only in the second year, when it has a powerful root system;

Ramson is an unpretentious plant, and you can plant it in the most unnecessary parts of your garden! Good luck getting your vitamins!

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