Begonia Elatior and her care

Begonia Elatior and her care

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Begonia Elatior will be a real boon for those who lack bright colors in the snow-white winter. After all, this flower has a magnificent palette of colors, can bloom at any time of the year and looks just great both on the windowsill and in the winter garden.

Planting a flower begonia Elatior and her care - this is a rather painstaking business, requiring some skills. The flower presents its owner with a number of conditions, only under which it will delight with bright and abundant flowering.

  • Begonia Elatior requires a well-lit place, on which not direct sunlight falls, but scattered ones. And in the shade, and in the open sun, she does not feel very well. A draft will not be at all good for the flower.
  • It is worth paying attention to watering the plant. From excessive watering, the roots of begonia can rot, and if you do not water it in time, the plant may simply die.
  • For abundant flowering, regular feeding of the flower will not be superfluous.
  • Withered flowers should be removed regularly so that they do not interfere with the development of new ones.
  • Here, advice will be appropriate, which will be useful for all begonias: this flower does not like large pots. When transplanting, you should take a container that is larger than the previous one by a maximum of 2 cm.

Unfortunately, it happens that Elatior begonia is affected by powdery mildew and care for it during this period must be especially careful. Soda ash, soap solution or fungicides are used against this infectious disease. From pests, aphids and spider mites can attack begonias. In this case, the same soap solution will help - it is enough to bathe the plant in it.

But, if you properly care for the plant, observe conditions comfortable for it, then all the troubles mentioned above will bypass the flower. And he will delight with his beauty for many, many years.