Growing ageratum from seeds - we create beauty with our own hands

Growing ageratum from seeds - we create beauty with our own hands

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Ageratum is a beautiful ornamental plant native to the American tropics. That is why growing ageratum from seeds is becoming more and more popular among florists.

Growing ageratum from seeds up to 5-6 weeks

  • Sowing seeds of ageratum for seedlings begins 60 ... 70 days before transplanting to flower beds. By this time, the first flowers will bloom on the bushes.
  • To obtain seedlings, ageratum seeds are sown in special cassettes for 244 or 144 cells. In the second case, the period for growing seedlings can be increased by a week. Also, boxes are used to grow ageratum seedlings. Ageratum seeds are not additionally sprinkled with earth.
  • The soil for seedlings of this flower should have a pH of 5.5-5.8. In the first week, the humidity must be maintained at almost 100%, then this figure is reduced to 40%.
  • Growing ageratum from seeds at different stages should take place at an appropriate temperature. During seed germination (first week) - 21ºC -23 ºC. During cotyledon development (second week) - 18 ºC -21 ºC. Thereafter (up to 5-6 weeks) before replanting seedlings approximately 17ºC - 20ºC.
  • For high-quality germination of seeds, it is necessary to provide a sufficient amount of light. It is convenient to put a couple of fluorescent lamps on three boxes with sown seeds, each of which has a power of 36W.
  • Ageratum seedlings can be fertilized with calcium nitrate at an approximate concentration of 50 ... 75ppm.

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