Growing radish outdoors

Growing radish outdoors

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Outdoor cultivation of radishes begins in the spring in early May and ends on the last days of July. If you are lovers of early harvest, then its radish can be sown before winter! Radish tolerates frost pretty well, so don't worry about this vegetable! The best soils for radish are cultivated peat bogs and clay soils!

Growing radishes in the open field provides for abundant watering, but you should not think that no matter how much you water, it is not enough, no, it is simply hygrophilous! Also, do not plant radishes in the open sun, as in hot and dry weather it does not feel comfortable and can lose its many vitamins, as well as become dry and dry! But the vegetable is extremely negative about the lack of light!

Radish grows quickly and ripens, with proper care, the harvest time is 20-30 days from the moment it is planted in open ground.

Radishes are planted in the beds prepared since last season. Usually 10 grams of seeds are sown per 1 square meter.

And of course, do not forget to weed the beds from the weeds, so as not to clog the crops!

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