How to properly care for tulips

How to properly care for tulips

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Where does spring begin? It seems to be a simple question, but each person answers it differently. Only then does the realization come to me that spring has come into its own.

But in order for these beautiful flowers to please every spring, they need care. So, how to properly care for tulips?


Usually tulip bulbs are planted in the soil in late September - early October. This should not be planted earlier, as the bulbs may germinate and freeze, and late planting will not allow them to take root.

Planting depth is determined by the size of the bulb. It should peek out slightly from the ground. The distance between plants also depends on the "size" of the planting material, as well as on the purpose of the plantings. For example, in a nursery, the distance for "normal" bulbs is about 8-10 cm.


In the spring, caring for tulips consists of watering and fertilizing the flowers. Usually, nitrate (15 g / m2) is used as the latter, to which potassium sulfate (20 g / m2) can be added. Plants should be watered regularly, continuing to do this even after the plant has completely bloomed (about another two weeks).

Digging the bulbs

Without this point, an article on how to properly care for tulips would be incomplete. It is this component of care that determines how large and beautiful the flower will be in the next season. It is carried out after the flowers have faded and the bulbs have ripened. And the latter can only be determined by selective digging.

Having dug up a few bulbs, you need to make sure that they are ripe (brown dots began to appear on the surface). And only after that, you can start general digging.

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