Pharmacy chamomile in the photo. How to grow pharmacy chamomile

Pharmacy chamomile in the photo. How to grow pharmacy chamomile

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Chamomile is an annual herb. Its medicinal properties are widely used in folk medicine, and traditional medicine also recognizes them. Chamomile in the photo similar to other types of chamomile and maiden feverfew. Chamomile is propagated by seeds.

It is recommended to sow them late August - early September. If you do this in the spring, they can dry out. For planting, you need to choose a well-lit place in advance, in July, and dig it up to a depth of 20-25 cm, adding rotted manure or compost to the soil. In the absence of organic fertilizers, mineral fertilizers can be used. Before sowing, the soil is dug up and rolled again. Seeds are embedded in the soil only 0.5 cm. The seeds are very small, it is difficult to sow them, so it is better to mix them with sand and evenly scatter them, just as they do, for example, when planting turnips.

After planting, the seeds are mulched with humus or dry soil. In the spring, the seeds will germinate at a temperature of about 5 degrees, after the appearance of real leaves, the seedlings are thinned out. Then, during the season, they loosen and weed. Chamomile will bloom at a temperature of 20-25 degrees and will bloom all summer. Some gardeners do not bother with sowing, but, having carefully examined what the pharmacy chamomile is in the photo, they simply dig it out in early September wild plant with a clod of earth and buried in the garden. It throws a lot of seeds into the ground, and in the spring, chamomiles grow on the site.

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