We plant cucumbers according to the lunar calendar

We plant cucumbers according to the lunar calendar

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It has long been known that the moon controls many processes on our planet. Recently, many gardeners, when planting vegetables and fruits, adhere to the recommendations given by the lunar calendars.

Planting cucumbers according to the lunar calendar is not a tricky business, you should only adhere to the two most important commandments:

  • follow the calendar instructions,
  • do not sow or plant cucumbers on full moon days, as well as 12 hours before and after it.

The influence of the moon on the growth of cucumbers

1st phase - intensive growth of the root part

2nd phase - development of the outer part of the plant

3rd phase - root growth

4th phase - the growth of the outer part

Since the 1st and 2nd phases are a new moon and a full moon, all processes during this period occur much faster than in the next two phases. According to this simple list, it is clearly seen that sowing cucumber seeds is best started when the moon passes from the first phase to the second, or from the third to the fourth.

Care and planting of cucumbers according to the lunar calendar:

1st phase and 3rd phases - plant, water, feed

2nd phase and 4th phase - sow, weed, inoculate, spray

Watch the video: Planting by the Moon (June 2022).


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