Tigridia in the photo

Tigridia in the photo

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Tigridia in the photo has an unusual and bright color. The flower got its original name precisely because of the flower pharynx, which has a variegated pattern resembling a tiger color.

There is about twenty kinds tigridium, each of which is unusually beautiful in its own way. This exotic flower belongs to bulbous plants... It was brought to our country from Central and South America.

Tigridia in the photo clearly represents petal structure flower: usually three outer large petals of a uniform color and three small petals with a spotted tiger color.

Tigridia leaves are sword-shaped and light green in color. The beautiful bloom of tigridia can be observed in July-August... A feature of the flowering of this plant is that each of the flowers can only bloom for one day, and for the appearance of each new flower, it takes about five to six days.

For growing in a summer cottage, only suitable Peacock tigridia, the height of which can reach 50 centimeters. It is best to plant tigridia in a sunny place, preferably protected from the wind. The soil for the flower should be non-acidicas well as well-drained.

Usually, by the end of the growing season, the plant's bulb is severely depleted, but several new bulbs appear instead.

Tigridia does not tolerate winter conditions, therefore, after the flower stops blooming, i.e. closer to autumn, the bulbs must be dug up and dried thoroughly within one month. It is recommended to store bulbs in dry peat or sand in cool conditions.

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