Savoy cabbage growing. Councils for gardeners.

Savoy cabbage growing. Councils for gardeners.

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Savoy cabbage is not so popular among our gardeners. It is more exotic, and many tend to believe that growing Savoy cabbage is a much more complicated process than our native white cabbage.

However, the technology of its cultivation is not particularly difficult. I'll tell you about how to grow Savoy cabbage in your backyard.

  • If you have chosen an early-ripening variety, then you need to sow cabbage in the middle of March, but if you agree to wait until the fall, then the sowing time is shifted one month ahead.
  • Savoy cabbage is best planted in those beds where onions, potatoes, legumes, tomatoes or perennial herbs grew before it. If other varieties of cabbage, or radish, turnip, radish (plants of the same family as Savoy cabbage), grew in the garden before, then you should not plant seedlings in the same place.
  • Dolomite flour or lime is well suited as a fertilizer for this type of cabbage.
  • The yield of savoy cabbage is not as great as that of the usual white and red cabbage, therefore the consumption of nutrients during the growth of heads of cabbage is not so great. In this regard, it often does not make sense to feed Savoy cabbage. Just two dressings for the whole season are enough: after planting the seedlings in the ground with a mullein solution and during the period of setting the head of cabbage. In the second feeding, you should "pour" on phosphorus and potassium.
  • Like all varieties of cabbage, Savoy is demanding of high humidity, but not excessive, because with too frequent and abundant flooding, cabbage roots die off within 12 hours, which can negate all your efforts to grow it and lead to the loss of the entire crop.

Otherwise, for those who are familiar with caring for ordinary cabbage, growing Savoy cabbage - so unusual and somewhat decorative in its appearance, but very useful - will not cause much trouble and even decorate your garden with neat heads with corrugated leaves.

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