When to plant pumpkin seedlings?

When to plant pumpkin seedlings?

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Pumpkin very easy to grow. Pumpkin is a short-day plant, with a daylight less than 12 hours, pumpkin begins to bear fruit earlier and gives high yields.

When to plant pumpkin seedlings? Need a pumpkin plant in May. The pumpkin is sown rather late, after the end of the spring frost. Pumpkin makes a shadow, therefore, you can plant it near gazebos, houses, fences, thus introducing a decorative element. For fruits, you can make props, as well as hang them on nets.

When to plant pumpkin seedlings? In different climatic regions, the timing of planting pumpkin varies. In the northern regions, pumpkin is cultivated in pits and steam heaps using potted seedlings. For faster fruiting shorten the first shoot after the appearance of five leaves, weak shoots are also removed until the fruits are set. Three or four fruits are left on large-fruited plants. If the pumpkin is well lit by the sun's rays, then it turns out to be tastier.

Before sowing the seeds are warmed up at a temperature of 60 degrees for two hours. Seeds are sown two or three at a depth of up to eight centimeters. Seedlings should be grown at temperatures above 18 degrees during the day and 15 degrees at night. She needs to be fed twice complex fertilizer. If the plant is too elongated, then the hypocotal knee can be carefully laid on the soil in a ring, and then sprinkled with soil. The pumpkin is planted at a distance of 50 centimeters, so complex fertilizers should be applied straight into the hole. The best temperature for fetal development and growth 25 degrees.

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