The beautiful cosmos in the photo is charming

The beautiful cosmos in the photo is charming

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how cosmeya in the photo looks like? She looks great. I like varieties with a border around the edge. It is believed that she is unpretentious.

How to care for cosme

But fringed varieties are rare. How to grow this miracle?

  • A flower will require a special soil - acidic, airy;
  • In early May, it is necessary to sow a row of seeds, taking a depth of 1 cm, and sprinkling it on top;
  • In warm weather, seeds will germinate in about 2 weeks, if the climate is not lucky, it will take more time;
  • When the "Christmas trees" grow up - they need to be planted in the garden;
  • The distance between the sprouts should be 15 cm;
  • Watering - plentiful if necessary;
  • It can be grown in the sun, but it will fade quickly. It is better to choose a darkened place;
  • The flowering period is quite long - from summer to late autumn;
  • If you remove the capsules in which the seeds ripen, then flowering can be prolonged.

It happens that the flowers are colored differently, or rather, somewhat paler. Then it is recommended to feed the plantings with fertilizer. But in general, this flower does not need soil overloaded with various substances. Many people buy cosmeia already in the form of a sprout with a flower. Then you need to make sure that the flowers of the selected plantings do not "look" down. This is a bad sign that the plant is damaged. But this plant is quite convenient for growing, cold-resistant and at the same time drought-resistant. Therefore, the cosmos in the photo looks very seductive.

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