Badan plant

Badan plant

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If you love a scattering of flowers in your flower beds, but do not want to bother with an annual transplant, then it will suit you plant badan... After all, this perennial can grow well in one place for ten years.

Badan also has a second name - bergenia... This member of the Saxifrage family has a thick creeping rhizome that is close to the soil surface. The beauty of the plant is given by leathery shiny leaves and picturesque rosettes of petiole leaves, which remain green even under a lush snow cap... And, of course, bell-shaped flowers will not be ignored by a casual passer-by. They are painted in white, lilac, hot pink and mauve colors.

The badan plant won the hearts of gardeners with its unpretentiousness and decorativeness... Badan takes root well on any soil, you just need a substrate well drained... It can be planted in areas with any illumination - it feels equally well both in the shade and in the sun and partial shade. But if you want lush bushes, then choose slightly shaded areas of the garden. Plant needs good regular but moderate watering.

Badan is easy to propagate. You can just split parent hive and planting in the chosen place is not at all difficult. You can use by cuttings or seed method... Of all these methods, seed propagation is the most laborious and time consuming. Seeds germinate slowly and require careful maintenance.

You can enjoy the decorativeness of badan from spring to autumn.

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