Coreopsis large-flowered - unique in its ... simplicity

Coreopsis large-flowered - unique in its ... simplicity

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There is a category of gardeners, mainly among beginners in this business, who try to use as many unpretentious plants as possible to decorate the garden that do not require special care and approach. For such lovers, it will do just fine. coreopsis large-flowered.

This plant is not popular enough, and it is difficult for it to fight with such inhabitants of every garden as roses, peonies, lilies, chamomile, chrysanthemums. But this makes the large-flowered coreopsis unique in its own way, and it can easily become the highlight of every personal plot.

  • Coreopsis unites different types: flowers can be annual or delight for many years; there are herbaceous representatives and shrubs, with small and large flowers.

Our hero - Coreopsis grandiflorum belongs to perennials... It begins to bloom towards mid-summer and continues until autumn. The plant feels good even on the poorest soils. The main thing is to ensure good drainage and loosening. Coreopsis can grow in direct sunlight. Therefore, if you are wondering how to decorate the southern side of your site, this flower will not fail. Large-flowered Coreopsis responds well to fertilizers: they can be applied before planting (organic matter), and in the spring-summer period in the form of periodic watering with solutions of mineral fertilizers.

When the bush fades, the peduncles need to be pruned. Coreopsis propagates by seeds or by dividing the bush. The second method is used in the spring, the plant easily takes root in a new place... Coreopsis is frost and pest resistant.

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