Birdhouse in the photo

Birdhouse in the photo

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Seeing poultry farm in the photo, you will undoubtedly want to know the details about this plant. Many flowers are still "asleep", and at this time the poultry farm is already pleasing with its delicate flowers.

The birdhouse in the photo gives an idea of ​​this flower and the origin of its name. They say that the name was given for the color of the flower itself and means - bird's milk.

The birdhouse is perennial bulbous plant, the height of which can reach 30-85 cm. The leaves are belt-shaped, basal, they appear much earlier than the peduncles.

This plant blooms for 15-20 days, and the leaves retain their decorative effect for a long time. If you cut the plant, it will look great in flower arrangements and bouquets.

If there is no need for seeds, then the withered flowers are cut off. Leaves cannot be removed immediately until they dry out, since they contain nutrients that pass into the bulb. This contributes to the high decorative effect of flowering for the next year.

The poultry farm reproduces using bulbs, seeds or babies... If you use seed propagation, then the plant begins to bloom for 4-6 years. It is best to sow seeds before winter.

The plant bulbs should be planted in August-September. Feast on drained soil. For the poultry farm, waterlogging or waterlogging of the soil is very dangerous. It is necessary to plant to a depth of 10 cm, at a distance of 15 cm from each other. Every 5-6 years, the plant must be replanted, since during this time a large nest is formed from the bulb, and this can worsen flowering.

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