Yucca care is easy

Yucca care is easy

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In appearance, yucca resembles a palm tree, therefore experienced florists call it a false palm. It can be grown in pots on windowsills, greenhouses and backyards.

Yucca care

The birthplace of yucca are the subtropics, where everyone knows a moderately humid climate. This assumes that it would be nice to create conditions close to the natural habitat for successful growth.

The plant loves the sun, give it a sunny side.

Yucca loves fresh air, so take it outside in summer. In winter, place it in a bright and cool room, where the temperature will not be higher than 10-14 degrees Celsius. It is important to emphasize that small frosts will not be harmful. But placing in a radiator will entail negative consequences in the form of yucca diseases.

In summer, wipe the leaves with a damp cloth every three days. Do not spray. And in winter, remove dust from it once a week to prevent the occurrence of pests. In winter, humidify the air, not the yucca.

Do not overdo it in watering... She prefers moderate moisture. A slight drought will not hurt, unlike very wet soil. Therefore, before the next watering, make sure that the soil is dry.

Transplant should be done every two years.... The optimal time is March - early April. When purchasing ready-made soil in specialized stores, choose a mixture for palm trees. For self-preparation of the soil, you will need two parts of soil and humus and one part of sand and peat.

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