Narrow-leaved lavender and caring for it

Narrow-leaved lavender and caring for it

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Narrow-leaved lavender is a perennial evergreen shrub and is a good honey plant. In the southern regions, it is sometimes grown in gardens and estates as decorative, aromatic and medicinal plant. Narrow-leaved lavender can propagate both by seeds and vegetatively, by cuttings lignified shoots. It is necessary to carry out cuttings in early spring or late autumn, and sowing, of course, in spring. Lavender loves slate calcareous soils and lots of sun, and should not be planted even in partial shade.

Timely important weed and loosen the aisles, apply mineral and organic fertilizers. Being a moisture-loving plant, angustifolia lavender requires abundant wateringespecially during hot dry periods. Lavender blooms in June-July. If you plan to harvest flowers, then in the first two years the inflorescences are cut before flowering, and only in the third year are they harvested for long-term storage. Growing lavender as an ornamental plant, you can enjoy beautiful flowers and their incomparable aroma.

Sometimes lavender bushes are used as hedges, in which case regular pruning is needed. And after 6-7 years, the plant needs rejuvenation. To do this, cut off the entire ground part of the plant in the fall. Lavender is very rarely exposed to diseases and pests... Of the diseases, it is most susceptible to septoria, its main pest is the leafhopper.

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