Planting strawberries in a pyramid

Planting strawberries in a pyramid

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There is nothing tastier in early summer than Strawberry with sour cream (cream) and sugar. Sometimes you don't even have time to wash if the fruit was not lying on the ground, but conveniently located on a green leaf, blushing from the warm sun.

Those who are addicted to planting strawberries and strawberries want to have more beds so that strawberry season lasted longer, it was possible to grow early, mid-season and late varieties. But the area of ​​the summer cottage does not always allow you to turn around as it should. And what if there is no summer residence at all? Deny yourself pleasure grow a crop on your own?

The answer is obvious - of course not. The resourceful gardener must come up with a practical solution. Or find it on the Internet - there is enough creativity here. What people have not invented in the entire history of strawberry cultivation in order to get enough fruits on a small area. All kinds shelves, drawers, hanging plastic bags, multi-tiered structures made of car wheels and tires and many many others. Vertical fit - this is a convenient option for many who want to tinker with strawberries. But the most optimal location in this case will be the shape of the pyramid, since in this case the upper tiers do not obscure the sun with the lower ones.

Planting strawberries in a pyramid really very profitable. It saves space, helps to hide unsightly areas on the site, makes harvesting and crop maintenance more convenient. You can build a pyramid yourself or purchase special plastic structures designed for gardens and flower beds.

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