Early ripe potatoes Baron and Impala

Early ripe potatoes Baron and Impala

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Early ripe potatoes Baron it has one of the best flavors among all early-ripening potato varieties. The flesh of the potato is light yellow and does not change color when cooked.

Potato Baron is intended for table use, grows into a tall bush with green open leaves. The variety has a high yield, and the first crop is harvested within fifty days after the appearance of full-fledged first shoots.

Potatoes also have a high marketability, which is in demand on the agricultural market, in winter they are well preserved, subject to all preservation conditions. Also potatoes of this variety are resistant to potato crayfish and has moderate resistance to nematodes, late blight of tubers and tops, but it is easily affected by common scab.

The Baron potatoes make a wonderful crisp potato.

Early Ripe Impala Potatoes, of Dutch origin, is distinguished by the fact that it gives a high yield under any weather conditions, which is why it is so widespread and popular. Impala bushes are tall with white flowers, oval tubers with a light yellow color and shallow eyes, begins to bear fruit already on the fiftieth day. The pulp is tasty and does not change its light yellow color when cooked.

The variety is resistant to cancer, late blight, rhizoctonia and is quite resistant to common scab and viral diseases of potatoes. It adapts to any environmental conditions and can be stored perfectly after being harvested under appropriate conditions.

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