Santana potatoes: the main characteristic

Santana potatoes: the main characteristic

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It is not very easy to choose a potato variety that will grow well in a summer cottage. At the moment there is such a large number of potato varietiesthat it takes a long time to choose a particular one. Lovers of this vegetable always love it. Santana potatoes, which has good external data, taste characteristics and has a high yield.

This type of potato is most often used in the food industry, as the structure of potatoes is elastic, contains an average amount of starch and has large oblong tubers. Santana potatoes are especially respected by lovers of fries or fries. While preparing these dishes Santana doesn't fall apart but remains tight and resilient. Therefore, in large restaurants or fast food restaurants such as McDonald's, only elite varieties of potatoes, such as Santana, are always used.

Potatoes are often grown on a large scale, since they are well stored and are difficult to mechanical damage. Also, potatoes during cultivation significantly resistant to type 1 cancer pathogens and to the golden potato nematode. He also does not respond well to those diseases that are caused by viruses.

Outwardly Santana has light yellow rind and white flesh inside... The plants themselves are small in size with fairly large leaves and red-purple flowers. Due to the listed characteristics, Santana potatoes belongs to your favorite varieties, therefore, it can often be found at their summer cottage.

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