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Apricot variety

Apricot variety

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Apricot variety

The apricot tree is one of those that are commonly grown in vegetable gardens and orchards; it is of oriental origin, from the Chinese territories but it is widely spread in Italy, where the climate is suitable to obtain a good harvest. The apricot tree is a deciduous tree that can reach and exceed ten meters in height, although, for the specimens that are grown for harvest, we tend to keep the plants at a height of less than four meters so as to facilitate the fruit harvest. There are numerous varieties of apricot and in the following paragraphs we will see their fundamental characteristics.

Bella Imola

Tree of medium-high vigor, good and constant productivity. The elliptical fruit is medium-large, orange in color; sweet and fragrant. It is a self-fertile variety that produces fruits suitable for both fresh consumption and processing for many food preparations.


Vigorous tree, of average productivity. The fruit is of large size, with an intense orange peel; very sweet and tasty, especially when ripe.
It is also known as "Sungiant". It is one of the most cultivated varieties since the fruits manage to keep very well on the plant, so as to allow a longer harvest period. The harvest usually takes place in the second half of June. The fruits are used for fresh consumption.

Ivonne Liverani

Medium vigorous tree, with good productivity. The fruits are medium-large, with an intense yellow skin, medium-good flavor. It is characterized by a high resistance to Monilia and spring frosts. It is a plant of Italian origin, exactly from Faenza, with a constant productivity. Given the characteristics of its fruits, it is a type much appreciated for fresh consumption, but also for processing, even as canned or dried fruits.

Reale d'Imola

It is one of the most popular varieties, the plant is of good vigor with abundant productions, the fruits have an elongated shape and are large with a yellow skin with reddish shades, the flesh is light yellow and very sweet and fragrant. It matures from mid-June to early July.
It is a plant that stands out for its non-constant productivity; it is more abundant in Northern Italy, while it is average in the center and in the south. If the plant is not thinned out, productivity goes down and lasts about three weeks.


Vigorous plant, high and constant productivity. Medium-large sized fruits, orange-yellow color. Firm pulp, medium fine texture, good taste qualities. Excellent to syrup and to dry. It has a firm pulp and a late ripening at the end of June.


Tree of medium vigor, with medium-high and constant productivity. The fruit is of large size, of an intense yellow color with red overcolour, of good appearance. The taste quality is very good. The plant has a late ripening and excellent resistance to the Monilia. Ripens in early July.

San Castrese

Very productive plant, of high vigor. The caliber of the fruits is medium. The taste quality is good. It is a cultivar that adapts very well to the various cultivation environments. Good quality syrups are obtained.